A Date with SoHo’s Finest

Savor a deliciously seducing culinary experience at David Burke Kitchen…

Decadently luscious cream cheese filling softly lies within its sturdy red velvet borders. Dark fudge cake, malted milk mousse and caramelized white chocolate ice cream play together in their sinfully divine party. Fluffy doughnuts bathe themselves in the most luxurious hot strawberry jam bath. Coconut shows off its sassiness with grilled pineapple, coconut mousse and spiced rum syrup.

Molten Red Velvet CakeChocolate Three WaysHot Fluffernutter Donuts, and Drunken Coconut are only a few of the delectable delights featured on the David Burke Kitchen dessert menu. It is clear through this divinely sweet preview that David Burke Kitchen takes cuisine—from taste to presentation—to a new level of excellence. From the intricate thought put into the beautifully crafted designs each plate presents, you can tell that the chefs take joy in their food artistry.

This innovative venue is located in Manhattan’s beloved SoHo at the James Hotel. In addition to creative cuisine, the restaurant’s interior perfectly represents the exquisitely chic style of the surrounding SoHo neighborhood. The skylight in the bar and a beautiful barn roof produce a bright and welcoming ambiance. David Burke’s trendy and whimsical style is represented through the carving station, where plating whole fish and an assortment of meats is the unique focal point of the dining area. Peer through the kitchen’s open archway and you will see busy chefs preparing their masterpieces—fascinating works of art.

Climb up the intriguing staircase leading to the restaurant’s Treehouse Bar for a fun affair. Next to the Treehouse Bar, David Burke Garden will greet you. Soak in all this beautiful outdoor space has to offer by indulging in an elegant, private cabana and open-air chef’s table. The Garden’s gorgeous landscaping features an amazing display of flowers and herb beds designed by the elite Rebecca Cole. Sculptures, produced with all recycled materials garnish this mystical garden area, adding the finishing touch.

When browsing through the David Burke Kitchen dinner menu, innovative fare will please your eyes.  Start your evening off right with two plates to share: the Snail & Parsley Garlic Knots and the Cheese Board featuring a mouthwatering variety of alpha tolman, bardwell manchester, bloomsbury, major farm and smoky blue river. For the next dish, think appetizing and simply pleasing. Ants on a Log is a Joonbug favorite, prepared with bone marrow, garlic, snails and pickled mushrooms. Euphoria will take place when a bite acquaints with your mouth—an extremely wonderful mixture of tastes. As for the main course, you will not go wrong with any decision. We recommend the deliciously unique Lamb Chops, a braised shoulder served with tomato gravy, eggplant lasagna and olives. To finish off the evening with a bang, dessert time always causes a predicament. For a prime taste of David Burke culture, Toffee Monkey Bread for Two prepared with banana caramel, maple pecan ice cream, and whipped cream is the dish for you. David Burke’s Cheesecake Lollipop Treewith passion fruit whipped cream is also a fun option, and your taste buds will surely not be let down.

Come to David Burke Kitchen on Tuesday, June 11th for a Flowers Vineyard Wine Dinner, showcasing two marvelous creations and delicious classics fromFlowers Vineyard and WineryChardonnay andSonoma Coast Pinot Noir. These wines will be poured to savor with appetizers and a four-course “tasting menu” prepared by David Burke Kitchen’s talented Executive Chef Chris Shea.

Seating at the Flowers Vineyard Wine Dinner at David Burke Kitchen are $150 per person.

A Date with SoHo’s Finest.

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