Feast Your Taste Buds on Spring Street Natural

A strictly scrumptious and notoriously chic member of the SoHo neighborhood…

Bringing a unique and vivacious style to SoHo, Spring Street Natural is one of New York’s trendiest hot spots. From its fashionable interior to its healthy and delectable menu, this chic venue quickly became a notorious celebrity in the neighborhood. First opening their doors in 1973, Spring Street Natural continues to follow their core philosophy: “to serve whole natural foods that are minimally processed.”  Mouthwatering homemade breads, healthy pastas, free range poultry, and organic whole wheat flour pie crusts contribute to this restaurant’s blank palate, and the chefs creatively take it from there to compose a divine menu for every customer to indulge in.

This flourishing restaurant should be a staple seen on every foodie’s list. The menu has a variety of choices to please everyone’s taste buds. Spring Street Natural offers 100 percent vegan plates to sandwiches, exquisite salads, and creative entrees incorporating vegetarian, poultry and seafood options. For breakfast, Spring Street Natural knows how to start off your day right. If you are hungry and looking for a sweet treat, theirChallah French Toast is the perfect choice. It is beautifully garnished with seasonal berries and drizzled with 100 percent pure Vermont maple syrup. If you want to keep your breakfast light and pleasing, the menu offers House Made Sun-Dried Cherry Apricot Granola, which is served with fresh berries in addition to your choice of plain Greek or organic vanilla yogurt, and/or low-fat, regular or soy milk.

For brunch, you can go down either road. If you are in the mood for a breakfast plate, the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict will be sure to entertain your taste buds. If you want to eat something designed for lunch, the menu has a Corn Crusted Catfish Sandwich, which is served on a brioche bun with chipotle mayonnaise and French fries to garnish.

Spring Street’s drinks and dinner entrees are innovatively fun—from their names to their ingredients. Spend time at the bar before your meal and browse through the restaurant’s unique cocktail list. The Grapefruit-Serrano Pepper Margarita will surely make your night an exciting one. Made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, Espolon Blanco 100 percent blue Agave Tequila, triple sec, organic agave nectar, lime juice and Serrano pepper, you don’t want to miss out on this invigorating experience. If grapefruit is not your first choice, there are many other intriguing cocktails to choose from, including The HummingbirdWatermelon-Hibiscus Margarita, and Pineapple-Coconut Mojito. The bar also has a full list of red and white wines, in addition to savory beers.

After enjoying a recent lunch at Spring Street, we were  easily hooked. “Delicious” is an understatement when describing the food agenda we chose. Decision time is always the tough part—especially for a passionate foodie like me. The first plate our table of four ordered to share was the homemade Rosemary-Sun Dried Tomato Bread. When it came down to the wire for my lunch entree, I decided on the Spring Street Natural Taco Salad with grilled jumbo shrimp. The Rosemary-Sun Dried Tomato Bread came out first, and after savoring the first bite, I knew we had made an awesome choice. A fusion of two of my favorite ingredients—rosemary and sun dried tomatoes—completely complemented each other baked in this freshly soft bread.  I was even more excited when my salad was placed before me—the presentation was spectacular.  A circle of corn chips made a colorful border surrounding my salad. Organic black beans, tasty guacamole, jumbo shrimp, queso fresco, red onions, and sour cream lay over organic brown rice. My eyes and mouth were more than satisfied. My lunch at Spring Street Natural was definitely a memorable one, and I cannot wait to visit again!

Lunch and dinner are served daily, breakfast is served during the week (Monday through Friday), and if you are in the mood to brunch it, a delicious brunch menu is offered on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday between 10:30am and 4pm).

Spring Street Natural is located at 62 Spring Street. For more information and to look at the full menu, click here.

Feast Your Taste Buds on Spring Street Natural.

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