New York’s Hottest Library: La Biblioteca

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Spice up your nights at this popular city venue, La Biblioteca—a library used strictly for broadening knowledge on tequila and other cocktail delights.  This trendy restaurant highlights an impressive archive of 400 bottles, the creations of renowned estates, artisanal manufacturers, and small batch liquor producers. All are invited to savor the different textures and flavors at this exclusive scene. La Biblioteca provides an extraordinary and refined nightlife experience that should not be missed.

At La Biblioteca, guests are allowed to relax and sip their own tequila bottles whenever they please. The restaurant offers tequila lockers, free of charge, to anyone who would like to store their own personal bottles (for up to six months). It is a fine recommendation that the tequila be served with delicious homemade sangria. Guests can also have fun playing bartender for the evening, making their personal margaritas at a steal price of $10.

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Tuesday’s ‘Tequila Tasting’ is the ultimate tequila venture. Every Tuesday night (starting at 5pm), La Biblioteca hosts a meet-and-greet with another distillery’s Ambassador. It is $15 for a night full of learning about agave spirits from an insightful Ambassador and relishing the flavors of tequila.

From the wise words of La Biblioteca, “Put down the books, drink up.” Don’t miss out on Happy Hour every Tuesday through Friday from 5pm until 8pm. If you’re in the mood to continue an awesome night, we recommend La Biblioteca’s Tasting Flights—amazing mixtures of flavorful goodness, where each taste compliments the next. Each flight has a unique aspect to it, featuring different flavors, scents and textures conveyed by cooking, agave cultivation and extraction. La Biblioteca Tasting takes you on a diverse agave tour. Explore the Horizontal Reposado Tasting and your mouth will meet three different distilling families through their tequila. The Aging Tasting tells a beloved tale of the test of time—three expressions, each a different age, all in one family of tequila. Which one will stand the test of time? You are the judge.

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Mouthwatering tacos and Antojitos (appetizers) are made to relish. We suggest ordering multiple dishes for the table to share while sipping cocktails. Three Joonbug favorites that will make you crave more: Spicy Crab Guacamole (jumbo crab meat, ginger, cilantro, yuzu—a citrus fruit, and Thai basil) served with plantain-tortilla chips, the Chipotle Yellowfin Tuna Roll (yellowfin tuna, avocado, wasabi tobiko, and sesame-chipotle rouille) and Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos (flour tortilla wrapped around Mahi Mahi, pico de gallo, and creamy coleslaw). Those who want something fruity and refreshing to enjoy with these dishes can try the Zengo Margarita which is made with Agavales blanco tequila, Serrano pepper, blood orange, cilantro, and citrus.

Joonbug link: New York’s Hottest Library: La Biblioteca.

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