Pommes Frites is Belgian for Fried Revolution

Photo cred: foodnetwork.com
Photo cred: foodnetwork.com

Calling all fried food fans, Pommes Frites has one word for you: fries. Specializing in everything ‘authentic Belgian fries,’ Pommes Frites is not your typical food joint. It has created a must-try fried innovation. And the shop’s name, Pommes Frites, means exactly that—fries.

Even though Pommes Frites does not supply many seats, they guarantee that customers will discover “the tastiest treat in town.” The fries are made from exceptional freshly fried potatoes—strictly soft on the inside with a crunchy outer skin. Once the fries are hot and superbly succulent, they are packaged in a unique way—with original European paper cones. The shop itself provides a European culture experience to all who visit, creating a charming and welcoming ambiance.

Pommes Frites admits that there is nothing “fancy” involved when preparing these fried delights, but there isone secret method they follow. The shop fries their potatoes not once, but twice! The first fry consists of the potatoes being cooked through (fried in an excellent gluten free vegetable oil). The second time they are fried, a golden color is produced and the potatoes turn out delectably crispy.

Photo cred: newyorkdailyphoto.com
Photo cred: newyorkdailyphoto.com

Unlike the American tradition to pair your fries with ketchup, the Europeans dip their fries in everything but this beloved tomato sauce! Pommes Frites decided to highlight this unique and fun aspect of the European culture, offering a big, tasty variety of sauces to pair with your frites. This saucy revolution highlights how many different tastes go pleasingly well with fries and how fries can be prepared in interesting ways. The fry toppings are “only limited by your imagination,” including a wide range of options from the accustomed to the alluring and mysterious. Sampling of sauces and frites is encouraged to reach the utmost satisfaction. So come out of your ketchup comfort zone and try these delicious delights. You will NEVER go back to ketchup again.

Pommes frites come in three sizes—regular, large and double. And as for the sauce selection, prepared to be irrevocably swept off your feet. Bordeaux Wine, Figs & Sage MayoSmoked Eggplant MayoPeanut Satay,Mexican KetchupWild Mushroom Mayo, andRosemary Garlic Mayo are a few savory tastes to please your palate. Our two recommendations and favorites are the Organic Black Truffle Mayo and thePesto Mayo. The Poutine combo is also a great selection: fries smothered in chicken gravy and Canadian cured cheddar cheese. If you want to rotate between different sauces with your fries, Pommes Frites has the Combo Sauce option, where you can pick any three sauces for $3.75.

Come to Pommes Frites today for an amazingly fried experience unlike any other!

Pommes Frites is located at 123 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003

Pommes Frites is Belgian for Fried Revolution.

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