Savor The Smith

The Smith, one of New York’s divine bistros, puts a delectable twist on American/French cuisine. This casual venue is spreading its unique tastiness throughout the city, operating three flourishing locations: The Smith East Village on Third Avenue, The Smith Midtown in the heart and soul of Manhattan, and The Smith at Lincoln Center.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus present innovative fare to all customers—from your traditional breakfast Pancakes on the griddle with whipped ricotta, salted caramel and toasted pine nuts to a Pot of Mussels for dinner prepared with chardonnay broth, tarragon, Dijon and a side of fries. Whichever time of the day you choose to explore The Smith’s different menus, your mouth will surely water.


Breakfast is the most critical meal of the day, so why not make it an absolutely scrumptious one? The Smith knows how to start your day off right, that’s for sure. Taking it back to the griddle, the Vanilla Bean French Toast is, simply put, lusciously creamy. Fluffy maple butter and caramelized bananas make this dish the stunning presentation it is—an angelic and divine masterpiece. Relish in the decadence of this sweet pleasure, no guilt allowed! But, if the morning is not your prime time to splurge in sugary goodness, the breakfast menu has many other options. TheMushroom Omelet is prepared deliciously with wild mushrooms, fontina cheese, garden herbs and of course, home fries on the side. If your taste buds are craving something fishy, the Smoked Salmon Benedict is your main man. Classic Eggs Benedict paired with smoked salmon is prepared thoroughly, each ingredient bettering the next.


Lunch is a perfect time to enjoy something delightful and refreshing. The Smith’s Shrimp Roll is just this. Arugula, juicy chunks of shrimp, tomatoes, and lemon-black pepper aioli combine to create an exotic flavor on a soft hot dog bun. The roll is served with a side of fries.


A Joonbug favorite Smith dinner is the Ravioli. Completed with goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, traditional pesto, and overnight tomatoes, this plate is a must-try. Another delectable selection is the Trout Milanese, which is prepared with fingerlings, a mustard crust, artichokes, baby kale and dill aioli. The weekly specials are posted on the side of the restaurant’s menu. On Wednesday they serve a great, classic combination ofFried Chicken & Potato Waffles, Friday is Lobster Roll night, and Saturday evening highlights delicious Paella.

Drink Tidbits & Such

The Smith prepares homemade sodas, which will pair well with any meal. Sip a cold glass of Strawberry Rhubarb or a rejuvenating glass of Agave Lemonade with fresh mint—whichever will satisfy your appeal.  For those craving a cocktail, Smokey & The Bandit has arrived with the warm and sunny weather—a mixture of spiced and smoked botanical tastes with sweet, freshly mashed raspberries.

Check out The Smith’s website for locations & more menu options.

Savor The Smith.

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