Shake Shack’s Burgers Are On the Move

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Burger phenomenon taking it to grand places – pun strictly intended.

Burgers on the move! Shake Shack plans on opening a new burger branch in Grand Central Terminal by the end of the year. Known for its amazing burgers and creamy custards, the Shake Shack will be moving its delicious goodness into the space that was previously operated by Zocalo in the dining area.

You have not tasted an actual burger until your mouth meets a Shake Shack burger. Each bite is more delightful than the previous one; a complete ecstasy of flavors. Made with 100 percent all-natural Angus beef, Shake Shack burgers rest in warm buttery buns. You can cover your burger in melted cheese, lettuce and tomato to your desire. The original ShackBurger is just this, in addition to the specialty ShackSauce to give it extra tastiness.

Shake Shack has a special burger for everyone—even vegetarians! One of Joonbug’s Shake Shack favorites, the ‘Shroom Burger, is a crispy fried Portobello mushroom filled with a combination of hot, gooey cheddar and muenster cheeses. It is garnished with tomato, lettuce and ShackSauce. The ‘Shroom Burger completely melts in your mouth with each bite you relish. If you go to the Shake Shack with a great appetite, the Shack Stack is your burger. A ‘Shroom Burger piled on top of a cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce and ShackSauce—this burger pile on will not disappoint.

Do you like your dog frisky or dapper? If hot dogs are more your style, the Shake Shack has them all fromFrisky Dogs (topped with kraut and spicy tomato-simmered onions) to Dapper Dogs (topped with American and cheddar cheese sauce and ShackMeister Ale marinated shallots).

According to the Shake Shack, their homemade custard is the “real deal.” We could not agree more. Prepared each day in the Shake Shack’s kitchen, the custard is fresh, sweet and rich. The milk used to spin each flavor comes from dairy farmers that practice a strict no artificial growth hormone policy. As far as the unique frozen custard flavors, we recommend Jelly’s Last Donut, which is a delicious mixture of vanilla custard, cinnamon sugar, Doughnut Plant donuts and strawberry preserves. For all of you chocoholics, Shark Attack is a perfectly sinful splurge. The base is chocolate custard, mixed with chocolate truffle cookie dough, fudge sauce, Mast Brothers Shake Shack dark chocolate chunks, and topped off with sprinkles—chocolate, of course. The Shake Shack’s Black and White Shake is a classic shake option to enjoy with the burger of your choice and a side of fries.

Look out for Shake Shack’s opening in Grand Central Terminal!

To learn more about burgers, dogs and the Shake Shack, click here.

Shake Shack’s Burgers Are On the Move.

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