Who Knew Heaven on Earth was Edible?

Joonbug link: Who Knew Heaven on Earth was Edible?

Prepare to have an intimate date with tasty meatballs…

Plates of steaming, sizzling meatballs smothered under veils of luscious tomato sauce waft past you. Fine beers and wines slowly waterfall into glasses. Where is this heavenly place may you ask?  Heaven actually exists on earth—at a destination where the types of meatballs are endless and bountiful.


Specializing in preparing the most delicious balls in the world, The Meatball Shop welcomes all for an ultimate “ballistic” food experience. Completely chic and casual, the shop is a relaxing haven where kicking back and indulging your appetite is encouraged…with limitless meatball possibilities. Native New Yorkers and co-owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow wanted to give back to their amazing city through delectable homemade meatballs. The duo could not have put it more perfectly: “Enjoy the menu on your own terms, eat simple, eat sustainable, eat good food with no strings attached.”


The Meatball Shop requires each customer to make a tough decision—how do you want your balls prepared?  The unique, creative menu allows all hungry customers to be food artists, customizing each dish to your liking. By using a dry erase marker, you can circle your final selections to be prepared.  First, start off with some Naked Balls—your choice of sauce served over four meatballs and a stick of focaccia bread on the side. The shop is passionate about serving Creekstone Farms Beef, Heritage Pork, Bell & Evans Chicken and seasonal produce they get from local farms (all in-house ground meat). Classic Beef, Spicy Pork, Chicken, Vegetable and the shop’s Special are the selection of balls to choose from, serving as your meal’s base. And for the sauces that are delicately draped over the delectable balls, the Meatball Shop offers Classic Tomato, Spicy Meat Sauce, Mushroom Gravy, Pesto and Parm. Cream. If you want a side to complement your balls, the Meatball Shop has a variety of scrumptious options. We recommend either ordering the Freshly-Milled PolentaSpaghetti—if you want the entire pasta and meatball package experience, or the shop’s Simple Salad.


Heroes, Sliders, Smash and ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad’ are also highlighted on the restaurant’s menu.Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad quickly caught our eye, so we just had to explore this amazingly intriguing delight. This state-of-the-art salad features your choice of three balls and sauce served over salad and the chef’s pick of seasonal market vegetables. For the cherry topping to this entrée, you have the option of adding a delicious fried egg. If salad is not for you, make it a smasher. The shop’s Smash is made with two balls, sauce and cheese (mozzarella or provolone) all snuggled in a toasty brioche bun, served with a small salad on the side.


Now it comes to the most important time of every day…dessert time! The Meatball Shop specializes in ice cream sandwiches, where picking a mismatched top and bottom cookie pair is seen as a fun option. The freshly-baked cookies and homemade ice cream will be sure to make your mouth water in delight. Joonbug’s favorite, must-try cookie sandwich consists of aBrownie Cookie on the top, Caramel ice cream smothered in the middle and a Peanut Butter Cookie on the bottom.  Abita Rootbeer or Cream Soda Floats are also made to order.


For those interested in going out for drinks with friends, partake in “Underballing.” The Meatball Shop encourages all to take a fun trip to Underballs—the trendy bar under the restaurant’s 200 Ninth Avenue location. The restaurant’s specialty cocktails, wine and beer are served downstairs at Underballs every weekend, in addition to Thursday nights.

The Meatball Shop likes to mix it up and start each day with a fresh, new palette when it comes to their specials. Today’s specials are unique and delectable, varrying at each location. At 200 Ninth, their Daily Ballis made with steak, bacon and cheddar cheese. An interesting ice cream sandwich choice for this afternoon at the shop’s 84 Stanton Street location can be concocted with the cookie and ice cream specials:Cherry Jam Cookie and Buttermilk ice cream. If you’re in the mood for a simply refreshing and divine cocktail, spice up this sizzling day at the 170 Bedford location, sipping a Strawberry Sailor (sailor jerry rum, orange curacao liquor, strawberries, lemon juice and rhubarb bitters). Try the Saffron & Chives Risotto at the Meatball Shop’s 64 Greenwich Avenue location.


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