‘wichcraft Celebrates the Big 10

Let the celebratory sandwich festivities begin!

Trendy sandwich shop, ‘wichcraft, celebrates a flourishing decade of sandwiches. First opening its doors in 2003, ‘wichcraft and its beloved fans have much to rejoice on this ten year anniversary.

To toast the special occasion, co-founder and chef Tom Colicchio created a new mouthwatering sandwich.  This specialty surprise is prepared on a ciabatta roll with robiola (a soft Italian cheese made from goat and sheep milk), mortadella, arugula, salsa verde, pickled red onions, and roasted garlic puree—sandwich perfection at its finest!  The counterpart to the mortadella sandwich is a tasty cocktail created by Bombay Sapphire gin.  Bombay Sapphire gin, Sapphire ‘Tin Shandy, Belgian-style wheat ale, and freshly squeezed lemon juice combine to make up this divine blend. This drink will be offered at three of ‘wichcraft’s New York City locations (the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park, David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center and in the Starrett-Lehigh Building at 601 W 26th Street). ‘wichcraft will also be busy preparing the “anniversary sandwich” at each of its sixteen locations in San Francisco and the Big Apple. Try this delectable delight while it’s available through July.

The carousel does not stop there!  Another festivity is a projection of ten videos spotlighting items on the menu and beloved ingredients. The ten-day video montage highlights a fresh favorite each day that embodies a part of ‘wichcraft’s awesome history. And the stars of these stories—members of this sandwich shop family themselves. The entire ten-day video series can be watched here.

A social media contest will take place through Friday, June 7th for a chance to win the ultimate ‘wichcraft experience. The sandwich shop welcomes their fans to submit an innovative, unique idea for each day’s menu item or ingredient. Entries can be sent via email to contest@wichcraftnyc.com, through Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #wichcraft10. Two lucky submissions will be chosen to win Southwest Airline tickets to New York City from a Southwest hub, and up to two New York City winners will undergo a complete identity change for the day—becoming VIPs in the ‘wichcraft world. These “VIP ‘wichcraft team members” will spend part of the day with ‘wichcraft’s Executive Chef learning about sandwich making. The rest of the day’s agenda includes enjoying a delicious lunch at the Southwest Porch, touring the Riverpark Farm, and when the day comes to an end—eating dinner at top-notch ‘wichcraft family restaurant, Riverpark. These fortunate winners will be revealed the week of Monday, June 10th.  Click here to learn more about this contest.

Without the influential reign of co-founders Jeffrey Zurofsky, Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortúzar, this prosperous sandwich company would not be the popular phenomenon it is today. Come celebrate with‘wichcraft now and indulge in anniversary sandwich deliciousness, quenching your thirst with a refreshing Bombay Sapphire cocktail. And above all, raise your glasses high to a successful decade of ‘wichcraft…and many more.

Have a happy anniversary, ‘wichcraft!

‘wichcraft Celebrates the Big 10.

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