Southern Italian on the Upper East Side

Having reopened with a new chef working his culinary magic in the kitchen and a fresh state-of-the-art menu, restaurant 83 ½ is taking its cuisine to the latest level of perfection. The talented Chef Will Foden provides each guest with a marvelous, cosmopolitan taste of Southern Italy with each prepared dish.

An amazing mixture of owner Vincenzo Mangiafridda’s Sicilian cultural roots and Chef Will Foden’s inspiring culinary talent, 83 ½ is a product of love, tradition, and simply delightful farm-to-table cuisine. The warm and convivial aura portrayed by 83 ½‘s deep love for food is natural and everlasting.

Looking over the delectable options on the restaurant’s new menu will make your palate water in delight. Dishes like Tagliatelle a dish of long, flat ribbon pasta paired with cuttlefish, ash-cooked tomatoes, peperoncino, and basil and Charred Lamb Breast served with braised artichokes, faro insalata, rhubarb agro dolce, and yogurt are innovatively divine. That is just a preview of what this succulent menu selection beholds.

After having an amazing experience at 83 ½, we would love to share our food agenda. The cuisine is spectacular; the service cordial and lively. The menu incorporates a Stuzzicare, or small plates, section. We indulged in three: Fricco, a plate of parmigiano crisps paired with an aioli and Calabrian chili honey sauce to dip, the Suppli, crispy tomato risotto fritters with braised oxtail, and the Baccala Polpettes, braised salted cod dumplings with peperoncino and tomato. All delicious and recommended choices—the Fricco’s cheesy crisps complement the sweet aioli; the Baccala Polpettes are interesting salty treats; and the Suppli is sweet and refined. For Antipasti, the Sweetbread Spiedini is unlike any other. A Joonbug favorite and a definite must-try dish, the sweetbreads are succulent and perfectly seasoned, garnished with apricot marmellata, grilled onion tops, and lemon thyme. As for the Primi and Secondi courses, the Spaghetti Carbonara, a spaghetti dish with guanciale, farm fresh eggs, snap peas, and parmigiano cheese is a delicious and beloved classic for your first dish and the Griddled Chicken served with grilled spring onions, potato crema, nepitella, lemon, and capers for the second. When it came down to dessert time, even though all choices looked sinfully pleasing, the winner was clear. To finish off the meal, the cherry topping consists of one word: chocolate. The moist and superbly fresh chocolate cake sliver is simply delectable, incorporating walnuts in the batter—a sweet treat to put a great end to this meal.

83 ½ is a must-try hidden treasure on the Upper East Side that we absolutely recommend to all.

The restaurant is located at 345 East 83rd Street (and First Avenue) New York, NY 10028

Southern Italian on the Upper East Side.

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