Stop Tweeting Sh*t

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When will tweeters learn that certain things are simply bad ideas to tweet? Seriously, nobody cares that you’re stuck in traffic, hate your roommate, or are bored in class or at work. People care even less about a nasty shot you’re sending “indirectly” to a friend. Well, gossip is usually loved by many. But seriously, grow up and stop living like you’re still in high school!

Twitter can be fun and really convenient to use on a regular basis. However, discretion should be used with what is tweeted. The next time you’re drunk or think you are being really smart and are ready to tweet that ever-so-innocent sarcastic remark to an ex-boy/girl friend or whoever, realize you are most likely about to sound really dumb and immature to all of your followers. Even though you may feel tough and mighty hiding behind a computer screen, truth is, everyone knows you are too cowardly to say it to the person’s face.

While we all get annoyed with friends and exes at times, I was taught to live by the 24-hour rule. This is how it works: When someone annoys you, and it’s on the tip of your tongue (or tweeting finger) to stoop to their level or tweet something that makes you sound just as stupid as they acted, don’t do a thing! Wait until the next day (the 24 hour rule that I told you about). At that point in time you will realize that the immediate gratification of putting someone down would have been far outweighed by how immature and dumb you would have sounded.

After 24 hours, if you are still aggravated, you will have a clear head about the situation and can tactfully deal with the aggravator much more effectively. Just remember, certain comments should absolutely/positively be addressed in person and not tweeted!

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