Who wouldn’t love sporting a trendy, comfy, plaid button-down for a crisp fall afternoon? Plaid will forever be fashionable, sexy and stylish. Like black and white, plaid is irrevocably timeless in the fashion world. Plaid can be worn in a wide variety of styles other than the traditional cotton or flannel button-down.

This Fashionisto looks great in this combo. Another option for guys is a pair of plaid shorts with a polo shirt. Our street model decided to match Abercrombie & Fitch blue plaid with Bullhead Dillons jeans and brown leather Sperry shoes that were purchased from boutique Island Outfitters. The light shade of the blue and white plaid totally pops against the dark wash of his jeans. His Sperrys give off a preppy look, while his plaid shirt is clean cut, carefree and rustic. I’ll bet every girl agrees that he looks comfortable, casual and completely adorable in this stylish ensemble! This Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for date night or hanging out eating pizza with the guys.

While we’re on the subject of plaid, keep in mind that our Fashionistas can rock a cute plaid dress paired with suede boots and a big belt. Or try a plaid scarf with a solid colored fitted top or also a plaid chiffon shirt tied at the bottom with jeans and cowboy boots.

Mens flannel and cotton plaid shirts can be found at Nordstrom. And to all you Fashionistas out there, plaid shirts can be found at Free People. carries a great selection of chic plaid scarves for men and women. Michael Kors’ fall 2012 fashion show featured many plaid pieces in his collection.

– Lexx

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