It is evident that this Fashionisto knows how to rock his concert ensemble. He has the entire look down pat, totally prepared for a fun night out. With critical fashion tips taken from this Fashionisto’s outfit, any eager style maven can easily mimic his trendy look for that upcoming concert.

The black leather jacket and button-down shirt scream bad boy James Dean. They are crucial pieces for any rock concert, and must have staple items for a Fashionisto’s closet. The leather jacket will keep him warm on the walk there, and without it, the look would not be the same. Our Fashionisto looks completely confident sporting a neutral beanie that complements the colors in his outfit, totally popping against the light grey tone of his button-down shirt. Our Fashionisto’s look is finished off with black skinny jeans and slick black sneakers – an awesome combination for crowd surfing and aggressively getting to the front of the stage.

One Simple Change: Our Fashionisto can easily swap his sneakers for Sperry Top-Siders or Clarks Bushacre Lo Shoes from PacSun to dress up this casual concert look. He can also replace his leather jacket with a long sleeved Oakley Hill Shock sweater that he can wear over his short sleeve button-down. With this new look, he can easily wear this outfit the next day (after a night out) to class.



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