Healthy and Stylish Hair

Dressing great is important for your overall look, but face it – if your hair doesn’t look great, neither do you. Don’t slack on styling your luscious layers to their truest potential. Keep in mind you are what you eat; a healthy diet and vitamins play a vital role in having long, healthy locks. To make sure that you and your hair look their optimum best, start with a great cut and style. It should frame your face and suit your lifestyle and daily routine.  If you can’t make the style work most days, consider a different look. The best way to find a great style is by a personal recommendation from someone who’s hair you admire. The excitement of a great cut and style will only last so long, we all get tired of our appearance. Don’t forget that color is a fun way to change up your look without a drastic cut. Make sure the color is right for you; having it done professionally is a wise decision. A good colorist will work with your skin tones to help choose a product and shade that works best.

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I spoke to master hair stylist, Lisa Hammond, from Intrigue Hair Salon for some important hair and styling tips.

Is there a right or wrong way to blow dry your hair?

The first thing to always remember is to put a heat protectant product on your hair before blow-drying. Always use a styling product to smooth frizz or add body to the hair.

What should we look for in a hair dryer?

You should buy one that is 2000 watts or higher. The stronger wattage it is, the better your blow dry will be, as it will give you a much smoother look.

What are the cardinal sins of using a flat iron?

NEVER use a flat iron without spraying on a heat protectant as well.  When applying the iron to your hair, use quick strokes to insure that you are not letting it sit on the hair. This will cause your hair to get burned. Make every attempt to not use a straightening iron every single day.

What are the tools/products that every girl should have for her everyday “hair routine”?

Every girl needs a quality hair dryer and flat iron. In addition, heat protective sprays, styling products and a Boars Head Brush. This brush will not break or damage your hair.

What are important steps to do if our hair is colored?

Color is in fact a chemical process, so you should be shampooing and conditioning with products that are safe for color treated hair so that it will not fade or strip the color. Also, you will need a weekly deep conditioner that is left on the hair at least 30 minutes if need be. Depending on the texture of your hair, you can use a deep conditioner two times a week.

Now let’s take a look at some fresh, trendy looks from the runway and red carpet this season!

* Classy low or side pony

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* Messy, Sexy Bun

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* Bringing back the 1960’s looks (including platinum blonde)

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* Bangs

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