Sexy Beachwear for the Freshman Fifteen

Summer has sprung!  Get ready to pull out your luscious tanning oil and plush towels, because beach season is just around the corner.  It is that critical time to get into top-notch fashion shape for hitting the sizzling sun and sand, which includes my three favorite words…bathing suit shopping!

This is fun news for some, but daunting for anyone who has tacked on the dreaded ‘Freshman Fifteen.’  Not to fret – there is still time to firm up before beach days.  Keep your gym motivation going and be sure to eat plenty of healthy foods.

I have scoped out the sexiest solutions to hiding those few extra pounds that are simply divine.  These options will make you want to confidently flaunt everything you’ve got on those sandy shores.

#1 One sexy solutionMonokini (pun strictly and fashionably intended)

The monokini is fresh and new, sleek and effortlessly sexy!  I am personally not a fan of onsies, but the invention of the monokini has forever changed the way I will look at one pieces.  Monokinis are the newest style fad to be modeling on the beach.  The monokini will become your best friend this beach season – it is utter perfection, and seductive is an understatement.  The ‘utter perfection’ comes into play with the monokini’s dual personality: it offers a bit of extra fabric to cover a problem potbelly, while highlighting a gorgeously voluptuous shape.  There is a monokini with cutouts and shapes for every body type.  When picking out the perfect monokini, don’t forget that showing some skin and keeping it classy is key, girls.  Work your monokini at the beach confidently – don’t let your monokini wear you!

I have found a few styles that are flattering and work with problem areas:


Free People – Lisa Maree Crochet Monokini

Photo cred:
Photo cred:


Agua Clara

Photo cred:
Photo cred:

#2: The Tankini – Tankinis can be found with a tummy control bottom, and a very flattering and stylish ruched effect.  An underwire, lined top provides good support.  Pictured below is one style that is completely flirtatious, yet simple and elegant.  The flowy top shows enough skin and provides comfort room – both sexy options can hide a multitude of sins…and cupcake splurges.  If the monokini doesn’t provide enough coverage for your problem areas, this may be a better choice for you.

Photo cred:
Photo cred:

#3: Cover-Ups and Beach Dresses – Keep it breezy and cool under a chic beach dress.  Dresses look gorgeous in beach pictures and are perfect for a towel picnic on the sand or walk down the boardwalk.  They are a great “swimsuit alternative” for a pool party or beach picnic outfit when you don’t feel comfortable in just a bathing suit.  And as always, don’t forget to accessorize!  Beach dresses look perfect paired with a floppy straw hat and a pair of flat gladiator sandals or flip-flops.  A pair of big sunglasses are a must when soaking up the rays.  Victoria’s Secret carries a trendy selection of slip-on beach cover-ups.

Photo cred:
Photo cred:

#4: Rompers & Maxis – Maxi dresses/skirts and rompers are also fun for an afternoon filled with sun and sand.  They are so stylish and come in a variety of awesome styles fit for every body type.  Victoria’s Secret’s denim romper and Free People’s Maxi skirt outfit are both great options.

As always, just because you fall deeply in love with a swimsuit, it may not love you back.  Shop with good sense, and focus on the areas of your body you want to accentuate…and any area you need to work with.  If you don’t have the figure for a teeny bikini, stay away!!!  Work with what you have.  You never want to look sleezy, you want to look sexy – there is an enormous difference between the two.  And above all, happy swimwear!

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