SPRING FEVER…Is it Really a Time of Love?

Photo cred: hercampus.com

 “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in his famous 1842 poem, “Locksley Hall”.  Is it really just this absolutely perfect time of year that puts us in good loving moods?  Or is there some uncovered secret to this Spring Fever phenomenon?  Truth is, it’s gorgeous weather outside, time to break out cute flip-flops and glamorous sunglasses, and love is in the air.

Photo cred: hercampus.com

But is there actually such a thing as Spring Fever?  Is romance really in full bloom when birds start chirping, flowers are blooming, and bees are buzzing?  It’s been talked about for centuries.  We can actually experience many real symptoms, both physical and psychological, that are associated with the beginning of spring.  It is not uncommon to feel increased or decreased energy, sleepiness, headaches, laziness, loss of appetite, or daydreaming.  Others can experience an increased desire for love and romance!  Here in Boston (actually the entire northern hemisphere), symptoms of spring fever are usually experienced from mid-March through April.

Some scientists believe that hormonal changes in the body play a role in this “seasonal fever”.  The body’s supply of the “happiness hormone” known as serotonin can be out of whack starting with switching the clocks ahead and days getting longer, because Serotonin production is based on daylight.  When days become longer in springtime, our hormone levels are out all of whack.  As a result, we can feel tired…or romantic, while our hormones are re-adjusting!

So ladies, I say sit back, daydream, and enjoy that cute guy’s springtime fancy fever!

Photo cred: hercampus.com

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