What is a Cupcake without its Sprinkles?

Joonbug link: What is a Cupcake without its Sprinkles?.

Notorious bakery debuts a sugary ‘Fourth of July Box’ surprise…

Sprinkles Cupcakes is one of Manhattan’s elite in the cupcake industry. You may recognize the bakery’s name from 2012 headline news when they introduced the very first 24-hour Cupcake ATM to the world. With a colorful dot design playfully crafted on the building’s exterior window, and pretty pink cupcake boxes to hold your cupcakes in, Sprinkles attracts everyone—even countless celebs.


Having opened its doors in 2005 by duo Candace Nelson and her husband Charles, the famous sweet shop is located in Midtown East—just a few blocks away from Central Park and encompassed by New York’s beautiful high-rise buildings. Sprinkle’s absolutely perfect location makes it convenient for city dwellers to satisfy their sweet cravings after work—or even before!

From the plethora of flavors featured on their menu, this awesome cupcake craze has a unique sugary treat for everyone’s indulgence, from Chocolate Marshmallow to Cinnamon Sugar and Lemon Coconut.  And with July 4th just around the corner, Sprinkles is preparing the ultimate sugary surprise.


“Declare your Independence with Sprinkles red, white and blueberry cupcakes.” To commemorate the holiday, Sprinkles Fourth of July Box is simply decadent, and perfectly patriotic! Lemon Blueberry and  the bakery’s traditional Red Velvet cupcakes are decorated with red and blue stars, creating a savory star- spangled banner. The six Lemon Blueberry cupcakes spotlighted in the box are completely sinful, made with moist lemon cake and fresh, juicy wild blueberries, with a topping of lemon cream cheese frosting. The Lemon Blueberry will be a lavish show-stopper at any Fourth of July party—from tastiness to presentation. It is a must-try staple to honor this holiday. As for the Red Velvet, it is a popular favorite in the bakery, with a striking flavorful contrast of delicate red velvet cake caressed with pure white cream cheese frosting. Once the cupcakes are situated in their innovative sugary flag, the specialty cupcake box is completed with a fun seal—a cupcakes and 4th of July Fireworks sticker. What’s perfect about this Fourth of July Box is that it is decadent and non-melting in the sizzling sun. This celebratory sweet present is a great idea for a July 4th barbeque to decorate a cute cupcake stand for your guests, a picnic at the beach under the fireworks, or to give to your party’s host!

The Fourth of July Box, in addition to the Lemon Blueberry cupcakes, will be available June 21st through July 7th for festivities. The cupcakes can be ordered online for either delivery or curbside pickup, and if you want to take a trip to the bakery, Sprinkles is open on the Fourth to spread its sugary holiday goodness throughout the city.

To check out all of the delectable flavors Sprinkles highlights, and for more information on the Fourth of July Box, click here.

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