Sweetery NYC: The ‘New Kid on the Street’

Joonbug link: Sweetery NYC: The ‘New Kid on the Street’.

At first glance, it is clear that this bright blue truck covered in sweet tattoos is not your average motor vehicle on the New York streets. With words plastered on the exterior such as “delicacy,” “savor,” “delight,” and “baked on the go,” you know that this truck has an outgoing personality of its own and an intriguing story to tell. “Move over donuts, get out of the way average cup o’joe, there’s a new kid on the street.” So you better look out!


Debuting its sugary deliciousness to the world in 2009, Sweetery NYC started out as a catering company and dessert truck. Owners Grant Di Mille and Samira Mahboubian designed the mobile bakery’s gorgeous kitchen, where the sugary magic takes place. Big windows allow curious guests to peer into the kitchen and see the delicious baked goods being prepared daily. And as for the truck’s awesome tattooed graphics, they can be seen from the highest city buildings.


Sweetery began its career preparing decadent delights, specializing in sweet delicacies of the season, such as cupcakesice cream sandwiches, and the “one-of-a-kind”macarella. The macarella is simply sinful—its mysterious name irrevocably intriguing, comprised of two coconut macaroon cookies with creamy nutella sandwiched in the middle. By utilizing its flourishing allurement of countless sweet-lovers through freshly baked desserts, the Sweetery truck was transformed into a “full-service experiential marketing company.” Its services extended to incorporate mobile tours, truck wrapping, and event marketing services. And the truck’s goal? To captivate and consume the city streets with its “delicious aroma of freshly-baked sweets.”


Sweetery’s delightful menu includes seasonal fare made with all-natural ingredients—raw sugar, organic milk, and fair-trade coffee beans that are acquired from a tenable rain forest and roasted regionally. The menu’s selection highlights a variety of delicious treats: ice cream, drinks, sweet & healthy, savory, muffins & more, all things cake, cookies, and croissant corner. The ice cream sandwiches are prepared with homemade, freshly baked cookies and decadent ice cream. An assortment of flavor combinations are featured to choose from. The Croissant & Brioche Corner is definitely a divine nook to visit. Having the freedom of creating your own layered twist, this dessert option is completely succulent. Pick any croissant filling from Marshmallow Cream to Mocha or Honey!  If two catch your fancy, why not mix in both? The Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies are shamefully mouthwatering and the Peanut Butter Cookies completely melt in your mouth with a cold cup of milk.

If you smell a superbly sweet aroma wafting through the air, you know Sweetery NYC must be nearby. Visit this awesome mobile bakery for an unparalleled and unique dessert experience! To see where Sweetery Truck is roaming daily, follow them on Twitter.

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