Do You Prefer Your Burger Bare?

Joonbug link: Do You Prefer Your Burger Bare?.

“At Bareburger, taste comes first.”  This statement is completely evident through this venue’s mouthwateringly juicy burgers, luscious milkshakes and tasty snacks.  Coming together with organic farmers and local artisans, Bareburger serves its customers only the most delicious, top-notch quality produce and meat, through a completely cordial wait staff.  The restaurant’s interior design is extremely trendy and chic, from its awesome, colorful lighting fixtures to its cute bear ketchup and mustard holders.

Bareburger lives and breathes delectably organic, from scrumptious salads, burgers and sandwiches to tasteful beers and wines.  The restaurant literally has a burger designed for everyone, even satisfying the pickiest of eaters.  Bareburger’s menu highlights a unique assortment of meats, incorporating some extrinsic options for foodie daredevils, including bison, boar, elk and ostrich.  Vegetarian and vegan friendly, the restaurant features black bean, mushroom and veggie burgers as well.  If you want to stick to a traditional burger, the restaurant offers beef, chicken, lamb and turkey.  Gluten-free, vegan and nut-containing dishes are all smartly marked on the menu.

To put it into perspective for the first-timers, Bareburger’s menu is simply amazing, allowing customers the freedom of creativity if they feel like taking their palates on an extraordinary food adventure. The Barest Burger part of the menu lets guests choose their patty, bun, veggies, cheese, bacon, and last but not least, sauce.  If you want to indulge in a burger from the Bareburgers section, you first select your burger meat and bread, and then pair it with a delicious topping combination.  If you feel like spicing up your evening, the perfect combination for you would be Habanero Express, which features iceberg lettuce, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, raw red onions, poblano pepper relish, spicy pickle chips and habanero chipotle mayonnaise.

We had the magnificent opportunity of dining at the 366 West 46th Street location in Manhattan, where a Joonbug favorite was discovered.  The Original Ostrich Burger is prepared with melted colby jack cheese, iceberg lettuce, raw red onions, tomatoes and special sauce served on a soft multi-grain roll.  Our suggestion for a refreshing treat to complement your burger with is the restaurant’s House-made Lemonade, made with fresh lemons, organic sugar and mint sprig.  This rejuvenating, fruity potion works wonders on a hot summer afternoon.  You can’t go wrong with a creamy Root Beer Float either, smothered in fudgy chocolate sauce, of course.

When dining at Bareburger, ordering a few Bare Snacks to share with the table is a must.  We recommend the Panko Breaded Butter Pickle Chips.  You have not had the complete Bareburger experience without pickle chips to enhance your burger: a sweet and crispy invasion, irrevocably taking over your taste buds.  They are fried to savory perfection, served hot, with two dipping sauces: buttermilk ranch and thai chili mayo.

Bareburger’s Bare Sweets will surely put you in dessert euphoria.  We had the delightful chance to splurge in the Vegan Carrot Cake.  In addition to its creaminess being absolutely heavenly, the carrot cake is rich, moist and fresh.  Two other must-tries are the Fried Banana Walnut Fritters, paired with vanilla ice cream and hot honey or caramel sauce (exclusively sinful), and the decadently flavorful Hot Honey Milkshake.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

Currently housing venues throughout the city in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, and even cooking on the move in a Bareburger truck, this organic burger innovation is spreading its belief that “organic food tastes better and is better for you.”  Visit a Bareburger location today and find the burger that is designed for you!  Your appetite will certainly not be disappointed.

In addition to their website, Bareburger news can be found on their Facebook and Twitter.

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