Looking fun…Overall!

The absolute perfect ensemble for fun and play: overalls.  I declare them my new trendy fashion fad for this season.  They are effortlessly cute, comfy and chic paired with a fun colored headband on a hot summer afternoon.  Whether it’s running errands, getting things done around the house or having a fun barbecue with friends, overalls are the way to go.  A messy bun is always a perfect solution for a humid, sticky afternoon.  A trendy headband or a pretty sash tied around your hair is a must.  It looks fresh, holds down the all-too dreaded frizz and dresses up the casual look.  This accessory is critical, totally completing the fun look I was going for.  If you’re not a bun person, long curled pigtails or a fishtail braid are two other chic options.  A baseball cap with a side ponytail or two loose braids would look great too.  Don’t be afraid to play with your hair and always have fun with it!


Wear a flowy crop top and lace bandeau underneath overalls to stay cool in the sizzling sun.  The overalls were a great outfit choice for me on this summer afternoon since I was outside painting my bedroom furniture earlier, and then headed out to a sushi dinner at the beach!  It is easy, breezy and completely trendy.  Find a pair of cheap overalls and get them in a few fun different colors.  They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down…. for whichever occasion you are attending.


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