Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the West Village

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The Taco Shop brings Mexican authenticity and culinary tradition to New York’s charming West Village. Throw away all thoughts on ‘good’ Mexican food you have previously indulged in, because The Taco Shop will irrevocably blow your notions out of the water. With a delicious array of Mexican ingredients occupying the restaurant’s kitchen, an awesome interior décor set-up, and a hint of ‘post-Mexican’ cuisine melding, Manhattan’s Taco Shop strives to give the real taquería experience to its customers…delectable taco and luscious margarita style. And the genius masterminds behind this scrumptious fusion?  Sibling trio JimmyNatalie, and Alex Sanz, paired with the talented Chef Dudley Nieto. The Taco Shop has successfully branded itself as Manhattan’s Mexican staple restaurant, from mouthwatering cuisine to friendly service; this gem is a definite must-try. In the words of The Taco Shop, “every taco, side dish and dessert is the product of hours of intensive culinary preparation.” And this statement is clear within the first bite!

Priced at $2.95 per taco, this venue offers a scrumptious steal! The Taco Shop brings reasonably priced cuisine to Manhattan’s elite… all while maintaining tradition and making everyone’s mouth water in delight. The taco menu ranges from the Pork Belly Taco, which is made with delectable pork belly and jalapeno pickled red onions, to the Spicy Chorizo Taco, which consists of homemade Spanish sausage and paprika & ancho chile. The tortilla wraps are divine and gluten free. Once you savor the authentic ingredients incorporated in each and every one of The Taco Shop’s tacos, you’ll be hooked.

Photo by Alexa Large Platter - 9 tacos, 2 tamales, cucumber salad, chipotle slaw, small guacamole & tortilla chips
Photo by Alexa
Large Platter – 9 tacos, 2 tamales, cucumber salad, chipotle slaw, small guacamole & tortilla chips

We had the wonderful opportunity to try the shop’s Large Platter. Prepare to be absolutely amazed – we certainly were when the platter was placed in front of us, and boy does it represent its name! The Large Platter is essential for the prime authentic taco experience. Complete with nine tacos (a sample of each taco flavor on the menu), two tamales, cucumber salad, chipotle slaw, large guacamole dip, pickled jalapeños & big tortilla chips, this platter offers an amazing taste of it all. The Chicken Tamale, made with smoky chicken & cornmeal baked in a corn husk, the Large Guacamole comprised of creamy avocado goodness, and the Chipotle Slaw are three Joonbug favorites. They are absolutely heavenly and savory.  When coming to the difficult decision of our favorite taco on the menu, it was impossible to narrow it down to just one. We recommend the Baja Fish Taco, which is made with the catch of the day, crispy negro modelo battered with a garnish of creamy chipotle slaw, and the Beef Barbacoa Taco which is prepared with slow braised short ribs and avocado leaf wrapped in a soft tortilla. If you are in the mood to have a tasting of taco innovation, definitely order the Large Platter.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

Did you think we would forget the other critical component of an epic taquería experience? When it comes to drinks, The Taco Shop has a luxurious selection to quench your thirst. We tried two different types of drinks to wash down our tacos, each with their own unique personality. The Mango Margarita was simply refreshing with red and green salt trimming the glass’s rim. The shop’s Mexican sodas are also delicious treats – for both sweet and sour cravings. We sipped the Pineapple Soda and that was definitely a sweet pleasure.

Photo by Alexa Flan - caramel custard
Photo by Alexa
Flan – caramel custard

When the evening approached dessert time, the decision was yet again another tough one. Snd of course, we just couldn’t narrow our sugary desires down to one dish. The Flan is sinful and divine, perfectly custardy and garnished with cut strawberry. The Chocolate Tamale puts an interesting twist on your standard tamale. This is a great dessert for your chocolate fix, topped with a scoop of fluffy vanilla ice cream.

The Taco Shop is fun and exhilarating for a night out in the city’s West Village. The Taco Shop is located at166 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014.

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