Florescent Flair at the Shore

Packing for a beach vacation is usually a difficult task.  It’s easier to pack more than you need.  Although, it is definitely better to be prepared with more clothes in your suitcase than be stressing because you don’t have a cute outfit to pull out for an unexpected event.  For a successful and fun beach vacation, you need to include a few necessities for the ultimate fashionable looks.  Even though beach vacations are relaxing and casual, a chic, unique flair should always shine through.  No stretchy shorts and baggy sweatshirts for a night out on the town, girls!

This outfit is trendy, fun, vibrant and comfortable.  Florescent is so big this year.  A few pairs of neon colored shorts are a must to bring along on your vacation, and you can bring different types of neutral colored tops to coordinate with them.  My black top is a crochet halter and looks great tucked into the hot pink shorts.  The top and incorporated accessories can totally dress up or dress down an outfit.  This specific top dresses up the shorts outfit, while still maintaining a playful and spontaneous look…


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