Refreshing Treats That Beat the Summer Heat

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Summer heat waves can be unbearable and draining, especially in the city. We have put together a few foodie necessities to keep in mind when trying to control the sizzling sun and intense humidity. These treats will not only refresh and rejuvenate during the hot weather, they are deliciously sweet too!

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls

What’s better than the sight of a cold, crystal snowball on a hot summer afternoon? In this case, they’re “Sno-Balls,” and they’re mouthwateringly edible, served in a wide variety of flavors. Originally from New Orleans, Neesa Peterson has served ‘authentic Louisiana shaved ice’ for three summers on Gansevoort Street where she sets up shop. The ice is shaved to perfection, fully absorbing its delicious syrup flavor. Imperial Woodpecker offers all-natural flavors such as Ruby Red Grapefruit BasilLavender Vanilla Bean, and Strawberry Rhubarb. The diverse menu also includes all-natural cream flavors, regular cream flavors, and more. Some cream flavors featured on the menu are Cream of Red Velvet and Cream of Bananas Foster. If you want a regular shaved ice flavor (not cream or all-natural) there is a plethora of delectable options, including Iced TeaWedding CakeKey Lime Pie, and Cotton Candy. Making your mouth water yet?  Sno-Balls are awesome treats to cool yourself down in the city heat! Visit Imperial Woodpecker today at 55 Gansevoort Street (Greenwich & Washington) NY, NY 10014.

Magnolia Bakery Ice Cream Sandwiches

Magnolia Bakery is now featuring five flavors of gourmet ice cream sandwiches to savor at select locations throughout the city. These sugary delights are sinful, but will totally satisfy your temperature (and taste buds) during summer heat waves. The Lemon Bar is made specifically for tang. Two lemon cookies with a candied lemon peel occupy soft vanilla ice cream mixed with lemon cream (wedged between the two cookies). The bakery’s Blondie Ice Cream Sandwich comes in Ronny Brook Farm’s chocolate or vanilla ice cream, with chocolate chunks of course. For all of you red velvet lovers, this one’s for you: the Red Velvet Whoopie is cookie shaped, moist red velvet cake filled with creamy vanilla ice cream.  Graham cracker crusted galore, layered with chocolate chunks, toasted coconut, and mixed into chocolate-laced vanilla ice cream is the Magic Bar…and it is surely a sugary mouthful! Last but not least comes the Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich, made with chocolaty fudge brownie, and your choice of Ronny Brook’s chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Magnolia Bakery is located in the Upper West Side at 200 Columbus Avenue at 69th Street, NY, NY, in Bloomingdales at 1000 Third Avenue, NY, NY, in the Grand Central Terminal (lower dining concourse), and in Rockefeller Center at 1240 Avenue of the Americas at 49th Street, NY, NY (more locations listed on the website).

If you’re not feeling like venturing out into the sweltering heat, we have a yummy solution. Stay home, kick back, relax, and keep cool in your air conditioning, and prepare Watermelon Salad with Mint Leaves for a snack! Recipe is courtesy of the amazing Paula Deen.


One 5-pound watermelon

1 Vidalia or other sweet onion

¼ cup red wine vinegar

Salt & pepper

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint

4 ounces crumbled feta cheese

6 whole mint sprigs


First, cut off the melon’s flesh and then chop into bite size pieces. While doing this, remove and discard the fruit’s seeds, then set aside. Peel the onion and slice it into rings.

Prepare a small bowl with the vinegar, pepper and salt. Whisk these ingredients together until the salt is fully dissolved. Whisk in the extra-virgin olive oil slowly, only adding a few drops at a time. Next, add the chopped mint into the mix. Taste the finished dressing product and modify seasonings to your liking.

Combine the watermelon, feta cheese, and onion in a large bowl. Pour the dressing over the melon contents. Toss everything together until evenly mixed. For a serving tip, use mint leaves for a fun garnish!

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