Soak up Summer…in a Romper

Sadly, the summer season is quickly flying by and we are nearing our last month of freedom…from beach parties to summer fun to not as many commitments.  It is a critical time to step up your fashion game in every way, whether grabbing lunch outdoors with the girls or going into the city for the day.  This last month, give it your all and have absolutely no regrets – explore when it comes to styles, vibrant colors and unique accessories.


A romper is the absolute perfect choice for these last few summer weeks, and it is an extremely versatile outfit.  You can either dress it up depending on where you are going or dress it down for a more casual event.  This romper is classic white – it looks awesome with a suntan, and these are the last couple of weeks white should be worn, so wear it up!  The button-down romper is also completed with a brown leather belt, fun white wedges and a little suntan.  White is a smart color because you can choose any color you want to dress it up with, whether it be a lime green sash to tie around your waist for a belt, paired with lime green sandals or espadrilles…or for a different look: hot pink pumps with a pink belt and clutch purse to match.


Rompers are completely stylish and cool.  Find a romper in a unique, chic pattern and highlight a color featured in the fabric to accent in your accessories.  A romper looks really fashionable with your hair up in a bun, a cute headband and big sunglasses.  This look is perfect for a humid day at the beach when you are trying to avoid dreadful frizz.  You can also curl your hair in long locks or leave it straight for an evening out on the town.  And when it comes to shoes, have fun!  As stated before, a white, black or neutral colored romper leaves you room to have fun and experiment with your look, as you are able to pick the color of your choice to incorporate in accessories and footwear.  Colored sunglasses and purses are always fun to shop for!

As always, stay classy and trendy.  Have a blast these last weeks of summer with your fashion sense and dare to be irrevocably different!

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