Goodfella’s Takes Over Gramercy

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Mouthwatering, doughy, brick oven pizza is a delicious Italian-American cuisine, and it is being exquisitely crafted in the New York City’s Gramercy neighborhood. Who is the brilliant intellect behind this delectable undertaking?  Goodfella’s Old World Brick Oven Pizza and Restaurant.

The day Goodfella’s came into this world was a day the pizza pie industry reached its evolutionary peak.  Maybe it’s the perfectly crispy semolina crust, or the variety of tasty and unique topping combinations that make these pies so sinfully divine.  Ever since 1993, Goodfella’s has received countless awards for “best pizza,” from local to international competitions…confidently taking home the gold in all of them.  And having been dubbed “Best Pizza in the World” by the International Pizza Expo in 2007, Goodfella’s pizza is surely a monumental figure in the culinary world, and certainly deserves to be indulged in.

Owner Frank Rizutto and Partner Christos Thrappas surely know how to create an amazing restaurant – from ambiance to menu. In addition to thier sinfully delicious dishes, Goodfella’s Gramercy offers a trendy interior by incorporating gorgeous exposed brick, a fun chalk board listing their hospitable wine selection, a chic, fully-stocked bar, and intimate seating.  From the savvy interior design to tasty cuisine and perfectly sized portions, Goodfella’s offers it all to its guests.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

We had the opportunity to dine at Goodfella’s, and boy oh boy do they surely know how to treat you to the nines!  We just had to ask Thrappas what he would recommend on his diverse menu.  He gave us the prime taste of Goodfella’s, and to say we were spoiled with such a food agenda is an understatement.  To start, we were served Mussels Marinara, complemented by fresh, hot bread to dip in the sauce.  This appetizer is a definite must-try and a Joonbug favorite.  The mussels are sautéed with sherry wine, garlic and plum tomato.  The Sherry adds such a unique touch to the sauce, perfectly complementing the mussels.  Next, we savored two pasta dishes – Angel Hair with Chicken & Peppers and Chicken Goodfella’s.  These dishes are two different personalities when it comes to pasta, so it was difficult to choose our favorite.  On the one hand, the Angel Hair is prepared with hot and sweet peppers and spicy plum tomato sauce over angel hair pasta.  The Chicken Goodfella’s, on the other hand, is comprised of tender chicken breast sautéed with garlic, shallots, scallions, white wine and cream served over penne pasta.  Both are completely savory options and give you a great feel of what Goodfella’s is all about.

If you think we were done after those delicious dishes, think again.  Three pizzas were brought out next.  The award winning Pizza Alla Vodka was put before us, in addition to two pizza specialties, Mushroom Madness Pizza and The Goodfella Pizza.  The Pizza Alla Vodka, which was voted #1 in America in 1994-1995, is complete with fresh mozzarella, the restaurant’s famous tomato cream vodka sauce, peas, prosciutto and seasoned fresh mushrooms.  The Goodfella Pizza is prepared with plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sausage, brick oven roasted peppers and fresh garlic.  Last but not least, Mushroom Madness is exquisite with its fresh mozzarella, porcini mushroom sauce, pecorino Romano cheese and freshly seasoned mushrooms.

Come to Goodfella’s today to wine and dine like a king, or queen.  Goodfella’s Gramercy is located at 391 2ndAve, NY, NY 10010.

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