Indulging on Red Cowgirl Boots…I think so!


Once in awhile, you simply have to splurge on that one extravagant, impractical, spectacular item in your wardrobe that really excites you.  My once in awhile was unexpectedly this week, while shopping at a vintage boutique.  For the past couple of years, I’ve been dying for a pair of tall red cowgirl boots.  I was very hesitant to spend $350 on the Frye boots I picked out.  What did I find at the vintage boutique?  A perfect pair of cowgirl boots, in my dream color, brand spanking new and in MY SIZE.  They were the only pair…obviously waiting just for me.


Now the key about an item like these unique boots is they command you to base your entire outfit around them…but make it look as though you casually threw them on.  As impractical as red may seem, it actually works with many staples.  Denim, khakis, black leggings…are all items that work!  I chose a jean dress for a casual and fun look.  Hopping on the back of my dad’s Chevy Stepside made it even more of a treat!


4 thoughts on “Indulging on Red Cowgirl Boots…I think so!

  1. I love this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx adore the boots and you are stunning

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