Luna Sur Brings Latin Roots to Midtown

Joonbug link: Luna Sur Brings Latin Roots to Midtown.

Midtown has a hot and spicy commodity, and her name is Luna.  With Latin American cultural roots presented through unique cuisine, tasty cocktails, and stylishly dressed servers, everyone wants to  be spotted with this socialite.

When you step into Luna Sur Latin Bistro, you will absorb a plethora of flavors: from a gorgeous ambiance to culinary artwork presented on platters, Luna offers the whole package to her guests.  Cordial servers know how to rock their personalities fashionably from head to toe, dressed in vibrant colored shirts tucked into suspenders, and paired with converse sneakers to match.  The glass garage door in the front of the restaurant opens up to trendy patio seating.  A fresh breeze wafting inside is absolutely perfect and refreshing on a gorgeous summer evening.  Intimate tables and plush pillows line the citrus themed  interior,  while colorful placemats, stylish candles and funky menus are placed on each table.

Luna knows how to feed her companions well.  Whether it’s a taste of Peru you desire, or a slice of Spain you’re craving, Luna is fully prepared to take you on a delicious journey.  Start your evening with some tapas to share with the table, such as the restaurant’s Luna Llena. This dish features avocado mixed with “Manzana” – a delectable apple-strawberry-cinnamon sauce – topped with shrimp, and presented artfully in an avocado shell.  For your entrée, there is a variety of mouthwatering classics to choose from. One such dish is the Cuban Lechoncito, a juicily roasted, suckling pig prepared with cassava and garlic mojo sauce.  To accompany your meal, Luna has a savory drink menu.  The Sangrita is a melting pot of cultures at its finest.  A hybrid drink, this fusion mixes red sangria and a frozen margarita together to create the ultimate summery drink.  Rejuvenating and blissful, the Sangrita captivates all with its charm.  If you want to keep it classic and stick to traditional values, the venue’s Pisco Sours and Mojitos are awesome options.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

Our experience at Luna Sur was sinfully delicious.  The service was completely cordial and we absolutely loved the fun, hip atmosphere presented before us.  To begin our evening, we had the Guacamole.  Divinely creamy, the chunky guacamole dip is prepared with ripe, mashed avocados, lime, onions, olive oil and fresh pepper.  Warm homemade corn chips are served on the side to dip with, perfectly complementing the tastes featured in the guacamole.  For dinner, we decided to try two types of Tacos Ricos.  We devoured the Chicken Tacos, which were super delectable and savory.  But what really caught our attention were theFish Tacos: wrapped in delicious, soft corn tortillas, the tacos are topped with onions, cilantro and salsa de aguacate.  And the key ingredient to this show-stopping dish?  Chopped pineapple.  The pineapple definitely adds a unique flare to the fish tacos, creating a simply refreshing dish…and a Joonbug favorite!

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

For dessert, we savored the Heavenly Tres Leches Cake.  It surely lives up to its name.  Sinful and celestial all within the first bite, the cake is airy and light, prepared with sweetened condensed and heavy cream, as well as evaporated milk.  Sweet Merengue tops the cake with fresh strawberries, chocolate sprinkles and a bright green mint leaf for garnish.

Whatever your fancy be, Luna has got the right dish to satisfy your palate.  Luna Sur Latin Bistro is located at 802 Ninth Avenue, NY, NY 10019.

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