We all ‘Scream for Ice Cream

Joonbug link: We all ‘Scream for Ice Cream.

At MilkMade, a sweet and strictly delicious ice cream policy is followed : the “best” of the best hand-crafted ice cream is prepared and conveniently “delivered to your door.”  Two intriguing homemade flavors are created each month, and monthly subscription members receive fresh “hand-delivered” pints to their front steps.  What a lavish treat to wake up to!


This MilkMade deliciousness began in the summer of 2009, by the talented Milkmaid herself, Diana.  Disappointed with her typical go-to ice cream pint, the Milkmaid decided to take her love for ice cream into her own hands. “Pints had shrunk, what was once ‘natural’ could no longer be labeled as such, and flavors weren’t aligned with my more adventurous palate,” she reccounts. With a small ice cream maker, locally fresh ingredients and making “‘scream that dreams are made of,” Diana was on a rich roll.  By the end of 2009, MilkMade’s monthly membership was established and ready to go!


The question is, how does the Milkmaid craft her ‘scream to heavenly perfection?  Diana shares her secret  for her popular Peanut Butter and Jelly ‘scream.  Organic dairy farm, Ronnybrook Dairy provides the cream and milk that the ice cream’s savory consistency portrays.  Fresh, plump and juicy grapes are added into the mixture from Red Jacket Orchards.  All natural Plain Jane peanut butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company creates the creamy peanut butter swirl when whipped into the delicious mixture.  All pints are churned in small batches, producing just a few gallons in one making.  Now comes the last step, and of course the fun part – delivery time!  The pints are packed into bike baskets and gifted to your front door.


“I scream, you scream, we all scream for MilkMade ‘scream.”  And you will scream in ice cream ecstasy when you view the tasty selection of monthly flavors.  July’s two flavors were inspired by favorite summertime themes: Strawberry Festival and Orange County Fair.  Strawberry Festival is surely a vibrantly scrumptious bash, made with strawberry ice cream and homemade white and dark chocolate truffles.  Orange County Fair is a staple summer classic – completely fresh and rejuvenating.  The County Fair is comprised of MilkMade’s signature orange ice cream, and a dash of Madecasse vanilla, allowing you to  reminisce “the youthful days of sipping on an Orange Julius in the warm California sun.”  MilkMade has also featured many more divine flavors such as Yellowcake, which is lemon ice cream completed with moist yellow cake chunks; Maple Creemee, maple ice cream mixed with sugar cone bits; May Margarita, margarita flavored ice cream infused with a touch of elderflower; and Elote, sweet Mexican street corn ‘with all the fixings.’

Dearest dessert connoisseurs, MilkMade is the answer to your deepest desires and wondrous wishes: a production of scrumptious treats that you can indulge in wihtout any guilt. Each delicous concoction is also a healthy choice.  With just one bite, you will feel as though you are going on a sinful splurge, but the best part is…you aren’t.

Check out MilkMade on Facebook for the sweet scoop and to view their August flavors when they are revealed!

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