Work your Booties!

With gorgeous fall afternoons and warm pumpkin spice lattes approaching in the near future, one thing is evident: work your booties, girls!


Ankle booties are the prime fall staple shoes.  They are fun, versatile and sexy.  Show off those legs and work them in style with a trendy pair of ankle booties!  Whether you decide to rock your booties with a cotton sundress, jean jacket and light scarf on a warmer afternoon, or a pair of tight skinny jeans or leather leggings and a chic oversized sweater for a night out on the town, booties are the perfect accessory for the fall season.


Every bootie’s fashionable versatility is awesome, from unique colors to savvy styles.  The booties I am wearing are casual and chic, covered in suede with a tiny heel and leather buckle to complete.  They can be worn with many ensembles.  I decided to pair them with a fun floral sundress and a pair of big movie star sunglasses.  Depending on occasion, these booties can also be sported with high-waisted shorts, a chain belt, long sweater and headband or, for a more casual look, they can be worked with distressed skinny jeans, a flannel shirt and fringed hobo purse.

Whether you want a pair of fancy booties or casual ones, there are many stores in which you can find them.  Ralph Lauren has a stylish collection of booties, including a sharp pair of black high-heeled ankle boots.  Nordstrom also has a trendy selection of ankle booties, carrying everything from casual to chic.

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