Trend up your Girl’s Night Out with Ayza

Joonbug link: Trend up your Girl’s Night Out with Ayza.

Ladies, it is Tuesday night, and it is time to head to Girl’s Night Out at Ayza! Believe us when we say we have scoped out the classiest, hottest venue for the prime Girl’s Night getaway, and a heavenly haven of chocolate divinity and graciously topped off wine glasses awaits.  Two of a girl’s favorite things!  Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar will spoil every lady to the nines through drink and delicious delicacies–so come join in the party!

Ayza’s menu highlights a top-notch selection of over ninety wines and champagnes from origins throughout the world.  The trendy interior atmosphere makes this venue a great place to order fun drinks with friends and dine in a classy, elegant setting.

From sinful chocolate martinis and luscious truffles to tempting desserts, be prepared to indulge in an outing strictly designed for “chocolate lovers.”  A restaurant dedicated specifically to chocolate delights?  We couldn’t picture a more perfect place to splurge with the girls. But for the non-chocolate lovers out there, Ayza has a plethora of notoriously delicious entrees and tasty appetizers to choose from.

Begin your Girl’s Night Out with some mouthwatering appetizers for the table, whether it is Crispy Baby Shrimp Dumplings, served with yellow sea wakame salad and garlic chili sauce, or Roasted French Brie Crouton, served with crackled black pepper, organic honey and walnuts.  After apps, you can either go two routes: Chocolate & Dessert, or make it a cheesy dish.  A cheese platter is always a tasty option to share, and Ayza has delectable choices to devour. These include Aged Manchego, Spanish ‘raw sheep’s milk cheese,’ and Herb Goat Cheese, which is French raw goat cheese.

The rich flavors that occupy the Chocolate & Dessert menu will certainly have you hooked in a sugary trance.  Maybe it’s the Chocolate Pizza you desire, topped with hazelnut, strawberry and banana. Or do you urge to dip your chocolate fondue in a lavish chocolate fountain?  When it comes to decision time, it is clear that choosing between multiple chocolate perfections is quite difficult. Are you an exotic Xocolatti gal, or a refined Jacques Torres chocolate connoisseur?  Xocolatti Chocolate is a first-class feature in Ayza. Orange Hazelnut and Rose Hip Pistachio are just a couple of sweet hints that the Xocolatti truffle collection offers to its guests.  Jacques Torres has a unique and savory selection as well that will make your mouth water in deep crave.  The Love Bug is a must-try truffle treat, consisting of key lime ganache and covered in serene white chocolate.  Golden Espresso is another Torres delicacy–it is rich espresso covered in dark chocolate, with a hint of gold.

Ladies: make your reservation for tonight through FIND A TABLE.  Enter the code “Girl’s Night Out” in the site’s Special Requests’ Box to receive a delicious complimentary surprise…a Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberry and a Chocolate Shot!

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