Paradise by the Biryani Light

Joonbug link: Paradise by the Biryani Light.

If you’re looking for an authentic touch of India tucked within the hustle and bustle of the city, then Murray Hill has got your cravings covered.  A delicious haven preparing only the finest dishes to celebrate the culture of India, Paradise Biryani Pointe has been a flourishing addition to Lexington Avenue since July 20th.  The modern interior – from colorfully designed walls to trendy wood tables and chairs – gives this paradise a chic and urban aura.  It is a great place to grab a yummy bite with friends over the weekend, or to visit on your lunch break with coworkers.

Specializing in Biryani, a seasoned rice and ‘slow cooked’ meat dish savored by Indian royalty for centuries, Paradise Biryani Pointe welcomes all to have their palates pleasingly delighted and their mouths certainly watered.  We indulged in an amazing lunch that gave us a perfect taste of what this trendy venue is all about.  First and foremost, drinks were in order.  We savored a yogurt-based drink called Mango Lassi, which was presented before us in stylish glass-drinking jars.  A Lassi is a popular Indian drink prepared with water, yogurt, various spices, and in this case, mango.  It completely complements the spices in any main dish.  Next, for our appetizer, Vegetable Samosa was brought out for the table.  A crisp, puffed, moist pastry filled with vegetables, the Samosa is prepared to perfection – a definite must-try to start your meal off with.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

For our entrees, we decided to order a variety of tastes to sample.  Without a doubt, a Joonbug favorite is the Lamb Chop Kebabs.  They are absolutely scrumptious; bathed in a savory sauce and cooked to tender juiciness.  We also tried two types of Biryani to honor the restaurant’s specialty dish: Boneless Chicken Biryani and Shrimp Biryani.  We certainly suggest ordering one Biryani for the table.  The Biryani resembles an artistic masterpiece placed before you, served in a gorgeous silver bowl, topped with an assortment of colorful vegetables, lime and a hard-boiled egg.  On the side of our entrees, a basket of moist broccoli-stuffed Indian flatbread, “Roti,” was brought out, which perfectly complemented our lunch choices.

Last but not least, dessert time.  It was a tasty pleasure to relish the Indian delicacy, Double Ka Meetha.  Sweet and sugary with a devious hint of caramel, Double Ka Meetha is India’s version of bread pudding…and positively the most delicious one at that!  It is hands down a luscious, and definitely should-not-skip-out-on end to an amazing lunch.

Paradise Biryani Pointe is located at 77 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY 10010.

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