The Most Delicious Croissant in all of Firenze…

It has been a dream of mine to scope out the most delectable croissant in Firenze.  And boy oh boy have I found the mouthwateringly unique winner!  Before my Italian cooking class today at Apicius International School of Hospitality, I stopped into the charming bakery right next to my building, craving a hot espresso.  The pastry shop’s windows are made with frosted glass, which gives the bakery all the more exciting mystery and exclusivity.  You have to ring the bell to get let into this magical venue.

A heavenly aroma of sweet, warm and freshly baked pastries of all sorts – from savory cranberry cake to fresh fruit tarts, biscotti and pistachio cake topped with creamy chocolate frosting – will waft your way when walking in the door.  Fedora (pastry shop) has an amazing selection of baked goods prepared by the talented Apicius cooking students and professors.  I had a Pistachio Croissant – moist and sticky, baked to perfection and topped with pistachio nuts.  When I took my first bite of the croissant, a sweet surprise met my taste buds.  Not only was the exterior of the croissant crispy, but it encompassed the softest interior dough and just the right amount of decadent pistachio cream to complement…

Pistachio Croissant at Fedora Pastry Shop Firenze, Italia Photo by Alexa
Pistachio Croissant at Fedora Pastry Shop
Firenze, Italia
Photo by Alexa

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