FASHION FROM ABROAD: European Flair for Him

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This Fashionisto certainly knows how to work a fine city look. He looks super cool on the streets of Firenze standing confidently in front of his Honda scooter. This great fall guy’s outfit consists of a hunter green fleece pullover and comfy pair of jeans. It is a simple, smart outfit and it looks perfect for mostly any casual plan in Firenze. Canvas shoes are an absolutely ideal alternative to sneakers. They are practical for a long day, and really pull the outfit together. Black in a canvas shoe is a wise, neutral choice.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

As always, color choices are just as important as the outfit itself. This Fashionisto’s skin tone is perfectly accented with rich color tones, like this dark green hoodie. Burgundy, navy blue and charcoal would also be excellent color choices for him. And, of course, every Fashionista(o) in Firenze must have a vespa to ride around town in, and give his/her outfit that awesome finishing European touch.

Additional accents could be a cashmere scarf (very popular in this region) or a knit cap. A play with colors would be fun; it does not have to match precisely. Don’t be afraid to try a bright orange or muted yellow with a look like this to give the outfit that extra pop. Men’s fleece pullovers can be found at Zara, Express and Gap. Canvas shoes are available at J.Crew. Accessories such as cashmere scarves and knit caps can be purchased at Urban Outfitters.

For Fashionistas who would like a similar “boyfriend” look, the ensemble can be easily achieved. Oversized flannels and hoodies paired with leggings, booties (or leather combat boots), scarves and beanies create perfect “boyfriend” pieces for this look.

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