S. Cristina Cookbook: Tart with Figs and Chocolate

The “Tart with figs and chocolate” recipe featured on Santa Cristina Cookbook’s homepage
The “Tart with figs and chocolate” recipe featured on Santa Cristina Cookbook’s homepage

Click here to view the full recipe/preparation on the Santa Cristina site.

Tart with Figs and Chocolate

As we get further into Autumn, the culinary world is buzzing with newly prepared sweet treats fit for the season. The absolute perfect Fall cake brings together a unique combination of two delicacies – one to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers, and the other to please the palates of fruit connoisseurs: Tart with figs and chocolate.

The fig is a luscious, tasty fruit incorporated into many specialty dishes, whether it is savored on top of a goat cheese tart drizzled with honey, or caramelized and mixed with mascarpone. Originating from the Common Fig flowering plant species, the fig has a delicate and smooth texture, and its sweetness captures the hearts of many, especially in this authentic chocolate tart preparation.

In addition to eggs, granulated sugar, flour and butter, the tart’s short pastry dough includes lemon zest to add flare to its unique flavor. When baked, the tart comes out of the oven modeling an amazing texture, ready to be filled with the smooth dark chocolate cream. And as for the figs, they are sautéed with vanilla bean powder, creating a sinfully delicious aroma in your kitchen.

Vin Santo Santa Cristina is added to the vanilla bean/fig mixture to formulate a mouthwatering pairing, as the wine includes hints of dried fruit and spice in its flavor. Vin Santo is the soul mate to this sugary delicacy, giving your taste buds a refreshing cleanse.

The final dessert creation is a beautiful masterpiece, artistically presented on a plate and garnished with rosemary, vanilla and chocolate cream – a mouthwatering palette of sweetness.

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