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Living in Firenze for almost three months to date, I have become accustomed to the splendid Italian traditions that this antique city beholds. Italians always dress very stylish, and there is one extremely popular product/material to have down pat and in your closet. On the stylish streets of Firenze, you will notice Europeans rocking this trendy staple item in addition to countless vendors and shops selling it. It goes by one name and one name only… leather.

Leather jackets, leather gloves, leather purses and even leather ponchos make their daily appearance on the streets. Leather is a chic and savvy staple material for living the European fashion. Everyone goes completely crazy over it and can confidently rock their leather with their own unique style.

Firenze, Italia
Firenze, Italia

This Fashionista surely knows how to work her brown leather boots in one of the main piazzas in Firenze, Piazza della Signoria. Her white crochet sweater ensemble is comfortable, chic and understated for a day out for cappuccinos and exploring with the girls. Leggings were a perfect choice to pair with her leather boots, allowing the brown to be the cherry topping to her entire outfit. This Fashionista could also pair her high-heeled boots with this brown leather jacket from Barneys, camel-colored jeggings, a crisp white turtleneck and a whimsical scarf. She could go even further by accessorizing this outfit with a unique belt, cap and colored jewels.

A great selection of leather can be found at the Firenze leather market. It truly has everything a Fashionista/o would be looking for. The Frye Company carries a plethora of trendy boot styles. Specifically this Frye high boot is a fashionable favorite, coming in dark brown, cognac and black. This pair would look amazing with leggings, an oversized flannel shirt, cutoff gloves, leather jacket and a vintage baseball cap. If you are searching for that perfect leather jacket, ASOS is your most stylish and unique bet. From the range of colors (they even have light green and teal leather) and fun styles, ASOS has it all.

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