S. Cristina Cookbook: Mezze Maniche with Duck Sauce

Mezze Maniche with Duck Sauce
Mezze Maniche with Duck Sauce recipe on the S. Cristina Cookbook homepage

Click here to view the full delectable recipe on the Santa Cristina site.

If you’re in the mood for a delicious, bountiful pasta dish to serve on a crisp autumn evening, mezze maniche with duck sauce is a prime preparation.

The thick mezze maniche pasta itself is similar to rigatoni (in its short and wide shape). It pairs amazingly with heavier sauces such as this scrumptious duck sauce. Mezze maniche is truly such a versatile pasta, originating in Southern Italy (Campania). It’s the focal point in many delectable recipes, including lathered in a tuna and pomodoro sauce, or prepared with a saffron and creamy gorgonzola sauce. This duck sauce is certainly a magnificent one of a kind.

Juniper berries add a unique flare and zesty flavor to the duck, unlike any other typical duck preparation. These tasty berries are traditionally known to pair well with duck and pork belly recipes, as they are a perfect bitter and pungent complement to the meat. When combining the lemon zest and hot broth, the duck sauce comes full circle. Mezze maniche is served hot, so enjoy and “buon appetito”!

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