The Secret Scoop on Starbucks

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Photo Cred: & Pinterest
Photo Cred: & Pinterest

There is one powerful motivator that gets all trendy workers, students, and city-goers through each busy week…and that is our almighty Starbucks.  Like Gossip Girl’s Blair and Serena, the city-gal and her Starbucks are inseparable BFFs.  When entering our beloved coffee haven, we feel completely relaxed and recharged by the heavenly aroma of toasty coffee beans brewing.

We can get through mostly anything with that familiar green and white coffee cup confidently in hand.

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Photo Cred:

Whenever a grueling day presents itself, Starbucks is there like a faithful friend offering chocolate (the key to every heartbreak and crummy situation). Starbucks offers a luscious Cheesecake Brownie or Java Chip Frappuccino in these times to do the trick.  When yearning to escape the brutally cold weather, a warm Caramel Flan Latte or White Hot Chocolate can sooth and improve the quality of your entire day.  And when gorgeous spring weather finally arrives, a refreshing Orange Mango Smoothie by the Charles River is ultimate perfection!

Surprisingly, many creative coffee lovers, even dedicated “Starbuckians,” are unaware of the entire scoop on Starbucks.  Move on over Victoria, because Starbucks has a secret too!  A secret menu, that is.

Low and behold the hidden treasure chest for Starbuck lovers – a mouthwatering variety of innovative drinks that most have never heard of.  Whatever mood you are in, there is a delicious concoction to quench your thirst on this gem-of-a-list.  And the origin of this menu, you may ask?  These drinks come solely from the innovative minds of passionate customers and creative baristas throughout the country.

Tiny chalkboards in Starbucks venues behold secret menu drinks.  There is always a delectable Frappuccino featured on the board, with the genius barista’s name alongside it.

Photo Cred: Pinterest
Photo Cred: Pinterest

Some Starbucks Secrets:

·      Orange Creamsicle Frappuccino: This seasonal treat is a summertime favorite.  Orange blended with vanilla is such a classic combination – the fierce duo is refreshingly simple, yet sinfully divine.

·      Spiced Apple Chai: If you like apple cider, this is the drink for you…with a fun twist.  The chai adds a unique kick to your typical apple juice.  Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and caramel, this drink comes full circle.

·      Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato: All of your sugary sensations combined into one cup- this drink is a snickerdoodle in it’s finest concoction.

·      Blackberry Cobbler Frappuccino: Have one of your all-time favorite summertime desserts on the go – a zesty concoction of blackberries with fluffy whipped cream to top.

·      Banana Chocolate Chip Frappuccino: Bananas and chocolate – what more could you ask for in life?

·      Key Lime Pie Frappuccino: Another drink that evokes the summer sun and a cool breeze…all you need is a beach blanket ,and you’re ready for an intimate date with Key Lime!

·      Red Velvet Frappuccino: This stunning red number is sure to catch attention on the streets.  Red velvet is, and will always be, my weakness!

·      Skinny Mint: Green Tea Frapp unites with soy, a sweetening of Splenda, and peppermint syrup to savor this delight…guilt-free!

·    Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate: What’s better than this power-couple?  Cozy on up on a cold afternoon with this sugary delicacy in a cup!

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