Meet Lolita, the Sexiest Señorita in Town

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You may have spotted this sexy senorita decked out, head to toe, in luscious red velvet.  Or maybe it’s her opulent chandelier earrings that caught your eye when she swings her head back, downing a Strawberry Basil Mojito with such glamour.  Whichever way you have noticed this elite, flirtatious city-gal, you surely know that she is the show stealer on Back Bay’s trendy Dartmouth Street – it is hers for the taking.  And her name?  Lolita.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is one of the hottest venues in Beantown – it is the epitome of city-chic and trendiness.  Serving strictly fun and unique Mexican dishes and tasty drinks, Lolita draws in a large crowd on weekends – from native Bostonians to eager city-goers wanting the “in” with Lolita.  The innovative, mouthwatering Mexican cuisine is only a side note when it comes to Lolita; that is how amazing she is.

When first walking into the Tequila Bar, it is as if you have entered a secret society…and you are the guest of honor.  The dim lighting, walls decked out in red velvet wallpaper and black glass chandeliers create such a romantic and sexy ambiance.  Creativity is certainly an understatement when it comes to Lolita – she will forever be one of a kind, always serving up something new and exciting to keep you on your toes.

A deliciously captivating silver bowl is brought out first to your table, under the impression it is steaming, containing grapefruit dry ice to cleanse the palate.  It is certainly a refreshing treat.  Savory salsa with a warm bowl of baked tortilla chips is brought out next.  We recommend starting your evening off with a few of Lolita’s unique drinks.  Lolita has a delicious concoction to soothe any mood, and will quickly have you craving more, from a zesty Spicy Cucumber Margarita, made with Serrano chile peppers, don Julio blanco, muddled cucumbers and combier liqueur, to an Orange Pomegranate Mojito, prepared with fresh oranges and pomegranate, appleton 5yr grand reserva rum, fresh mint and cane sugar.  Lolita’s Blackberry Sangria is always a fun option to spice up any evening, made with rose wine, strawberries, orange blossoms and don Q silver rum.  If you want a non-alcoholic beverage to accompany your meal, we recommend trying one of the house’s “Frescas.”  The Lime Coconut Fresca is a Joonbug favorite, prepared with coconut milk, fresh fruits and citrus mint, served over ice.

When it comes to dinnertime, Lolita brings the most eclectic flavor combinations to the table…literally. Lobster Enchiladas, made with ancho-orange glazed Atlantic lobster, fire-roasted corn, chipotle chile and Monterey jack cheese; and the Spicy Mojo Tuna (a Joonbug favorite), where the seared ahi tuna is prepared with white sweet potato mash, sour orange-chile mojo and polenta straws, are meals fit for a foodie’s heaven.  We strongly recommend ordering some appetizers for the table to share – Chile Dusted & Cotija Cheese Zocalo Corn, the Spicy Agave Brussel Sprouts, which are made with chile oil and bacon, in addition to the warm melt-in-your-mouth Cornbread, which is bathed in a buttery cheese sauce.

When the evening is finished – well, the meal part that is – and before you move onto the plush couches and bar top tables in the tequila bar area, you can expect a sugary surprise.  A fluffy arrangement of sour apple cotton candy seasoned with Pop Rocks is brought forth with funky Lolita’s heart tattoos!

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is open daily from 5:00pm – 2:00am, and is located at 271 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA.  The kitchen is cooking Lolita’s exclusive “late night” menu up until 1:00am.

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