WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

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When shopping for your weekend fashion staples for this spring, think bright and fresh. This Fashionisto looks effortlessly fine, sophisticated and handsome for an afternoon on Arthur Avenue with family and friends. A busy day ahead of him filled with critical “fresh pasta, delicious vino and Italian cheese shopping,” this Fashionisto is perfectly prepared for a warmer afternoon walking around the Bronx and sharing many laughs with his group of family and friends.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

Notice how this Fashionisto chose lighter washed denim to pair with his gray V-neck sweater. The light blue jeans are simply refreshing for a spring afternoon, popping nicely against his dark sweater. The light wash completely contrasts how a darker wash would bring the entire ensemble to more of a wintery palette.

This Fashionisto’s long black peacoat brings the outfit full circle, dressing up his denim and brown leather loafers. It will keep him warm in the springtime breeze, but also looks top rate and fashionable with his overall style. Classy always looks sexy!

So Fashionistos, take notes from this week’s Fashionisto and get on your spring mojo! Light washed denim is most certainly a staple item for this season, and you can find a savvy selection at Nordstrom, coming in many different cuts from bootcut to skinny. Skinny jeans look awesome cuffed up at the bottom when paired with our favorite pair of Steve Madden Chukka boots (also in alighter shade of brown, “cognac”).

Since we are thinking “bright” for spring, and getting rid of dreary blacks and grays, a camel colored peacoat looks sharp and fresh in the springtime. Burberry makes a luxuriously striking wool cashmere coat fit for this season. This pick will definitely please the ladies out on the street!

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto can easily switch up his look. He can replace his gray sweater and peacoat for an Urban Outfitters trendy hoodie with faux-leather sleeves. His denim is perfect, but if he wants, he can switch it up for a pair of cuffed skinny jeans paired with Vans sneakers. This new ensemble is great for class or game night with the guys.

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