S. Cristina Cookbook: Ribollita

Click here to view this scrumptious recipe on the Santa Cristina site.

Ribollita recipe on the S. Cristina Cookbook homepage
Ribollita recipe on the S. Cristina Cookbook homepage

This delectable Tuscan recipe is prepared specifically to warm hearts throughout the winter season. It is the epitome of a mouthwatering, comforting dish to be prepared on the coldest of cold afternoons.

Ribollita is a hearty winter soup comprised of a tasty variety of vegetables, including “cavolo nero” (black cabbage, which is actually black leaf kale, or “Tuscan Kale”). The black cabbage adds a unique flare to the preparation, and it is a popular ingredient in many traditional Tuscan recipes. Rich in vitamins and iron, this is a healthy dish as well as incredibly scrumptious!

The combination of these vegetables mixed into one dish with olive oil and a basil/parsley seasoning certainly makes this preparation one of a kind. Another key ingredient to Ribollita is stale bread. It is placed in alternating layers with the fresh vegetables. When the soup is left to sit for a half hour, the bread soaks up all of the delicious vegetable juices… allowing you to have a full flavorful experience.

Enjoy Ribollita as the starter to your meal for an appetizer, or in a big bowl for lunch! The family will surely love this preparation over the cold season.

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