Discover Vedas

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Discover Vedas takes each guest on a unique and authentic journey across the globe, offering a gorgeous selection of handcrafted “Fair Trade products” from all over the world.  Started by “Dominican-American family and Boston residents” trio, Rosa Tejeda, Victoria andNisaury Amador, Discover Vedas welcomes all to experience amazing at its best.

According to Victoria Amador, “Through our products, our customers are embracing and immersing themselves in different cultures and lifestyles while supporting sustainability for local artisans.”  It is clearly close to the boutique’s heart and motto to introduce a relaxing haven to its customers for their gift giving adventures.  After all, shopping for the absolute perfect present is meant to be fun!  Discover Vedas gives you just that, plus an enjoyable, authentic and cultural experience.

The boutique’s website embodies chic, introducing a unique flare to its shoppers: Shop by Lifestyle.  You can choose “Be Glamorous,” “Be Simple,” or “Be Unique,” depending on what you are looking for and the taste of the person you are shopping for.  Discover Vedas displays a beautiful variety of items for everyone – women, men, children (from infants to teenagers)…and even pets!  What’s wonderful about this specific online experience is that Discover Vedas provides same-day delivery for residents in the Boston area.  “Next-day delivery” is offered to purchasers in other locations throughout the U.S.

Feast your eyes on “one-of-a-kind” stones that are mined solely in parts of the Dominican Republic. Larimar is a gorgeous “rare blue pectolite,” which is also referred to as Stefilia’s Stone.  It ranges in breathtaking colors – from white and light-blue, to green-blue and deep blue.  Dominican Amber is another beauty which exists in the northern mountains of La Cordillera Septentrional, and also Sabana del Mar and Bayaguana in the east.

The home décor collection is simply exquisite, featuring a show stealer Bedding & Bath Bathe In Luxury Set that many customers will most certainly desire.  Treat that special someone, or even your own body to a sensual affair.  This lavishly comforting set is designed to make your time in the bath “a journey into pure bliss,” with its plush Ethiopian cotton bath towels, a Lollia Calm Dusting Powder, deliciously fragrant Velvet as Night candle, and much more.  Maybe it’s the fluffyTurkish Long Sleeves Bathrobe or vibrantly colorful Kantha Soothing Green Bedspread that will catch your eye.

A percentage of Discover Vedas’ profits are donated to artisans around the world, and also to support Dominican Republic school, Artes Mundial.  This splendid school teaches children in the Dominican arts and crafts.  In addition to learning an appreciation for the arts, they also learn about entrepreneurship.  What goes into making these beautiful products is even more important.  Rosa Tejeda’s words are truly inspiring:  “Our objective is to offer these economically underprivileged children the tools needed to flourish by nourishing their talents.  We’re committed to teaching these children new skills and techniques with the hopes of creating a new generation that will become valuable contributing members of their communities.”

So, the next time you’re in need of the perfect gift…Discover Vedas.

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