What Would Lexx Wear??: Teamin’ it up in Style

Varsity jackets scream cool and effortlessly chic.  A spectacular option for spring, this neutral sporty piece from Charlotte Russe works with so many looks this season.  My favorite is shown below.  Cuffed, distressed skinny jeans, a fitted crop top, statement shoes or sneakers (either is a chic option depending on your plans)…and accessories, accessories, accessories!  A baseball cap, sunglasses, baubles and beads all make this work for overall fashion fun.

Dress your best,


Alexa Mellardo - varsity jacket

Alexa Mellardo - varsity jacket2



Varsity jacket: Compliments of Charlotte Russe

Distressed denim skinnies: American Eagle

Crop top: Urban Outfitters

Peep toe booties: Marshalls

Necklace: Forever 21

Baseball cap: Dad’s!

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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