Overalls…a savvy, fresh look for springtime fun!

Have no fear…overalls are here just in time for a fun, unique look for early spring!  Every so often, a new statement item makes its debut in our favorite shops.  Don’t fear them, embrace them.  It is important to switch up your look, keeping your style fresh, never feeling you have to follow what everyone else is wearing.  I have always been one to go with what I love, and have always been a firm believer that nothing “wow” is ever achieved by following the crowd.  Have confidence, trust your instinct and go for it!

The key to working overalls is to style them up.  You don’t want them to look frumpy and sloppy.  I styled mine with a fitted v-neck T-shirt, polka dot headband, trendy cuff bracelet from Jenny Boston and open toed booties.  The look also works great with flip flops, a matching crop top and vibrant baseball cap. Fluorescents are great accent choices with your denim.  Notice the bottoms of my overalls are boyfriend styled and cuffed above the ankle.  There are many styles and fits to choose from, this pair happened to be my personal favorite.  As always, try them on and choose what cut is best for your height and shape.  They also range in price from $50 to over $100.

Keep a keen eye out for vibrant nail polish colors that will work well with your spring outfits.  There are many chic options for the spring season, including soft hues of blue and green.

Overalls…a savvy, fresh look for springtime fun.

Dress your best,




Overalls: Macy’s

Peep toe booties: Marshalls

Cuff Bracelet: Jenny Boston

Headband: J.C. Penney

Shades: Francesca’s

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