Felly Raps Beantown

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Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub is seriously the prime spot for Beantown’s hottest concert nightlife.  The venue itself is huge, featuring three rooms where live music is performed, in addition to two restaurants serving up delectable family-style cuisine and fully stocked bars.  Or maybe your definition of “pre-gaming” puts you in the mood for an opulent and elegant affair at Middle East’s third restaurant, ZuZu.


When it comes to sharing a passionate love for the arts, music is not the only expertise that comes to Middle East’s mind.  The venue dedicates several rooms to function as “art galleries,” providing the opportunity for international and local artists to showcase their masterpieces.  We found it simply awesome that both the customers and staff of Middle East are a global harmony of talented musicians, students, professionals and locals.

This Friday night, on March 21st, take it to Middle East’s Downstairs to see Madlib perform.  And you are in luck, because one of the super-talented opening artists, Felly, just happens to be a Joonbug.com favorite.


Felly first planted his roots in music when he was twelve years old, composing comedy songs.  He entered a contest and ended up walking away with the win: $250.  This money was not just a prize; it was the beginning of a life-changing event for Felly.  He used his winnings to buy speakers and microphones.  Later, he moved on up to the grand piece: the “Maschine,” on which he composes his beats.  If you have never seen Felly in action, you are 1. Seriously missing out, 2. In for a treat, and 3. Going to be blown out of this world with Felly’s talent and sick beats.

Felly is awesome and will certainly not disappoint the crowd!

Check out his beats prior to the event on youtube account, Felnuts.  Follow Felly’s social media outlets:

On the ‘Book

Twitter: @fellythekid

Insta: @cfello

Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub is located at 472-480 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.  Tickets for this Friday are $20 when bought in advance ($25 day of), and can be purchased here.  Doors open at 9pm and the show is 18+…so be there or be square!


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