Brunching It…Shabby Chic Style

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This Fashionista is embracing the spring weather, looking absolutely fresh and chic for a brunch date with friends. I love how her lace headband adds a trendy flair to her entire ensemble. Her black and gold silk scarf is the perfect accessory to dress up her white button-down cardigan. Notice how this Fashionista’s outfit would not be rocked to its full potential without these two critical finishing touches. I cannot boast enough about how accessorizing completes the entire look you are trying to achieve.

Photo by Alexa

This vibrant outfit is cute and stylish for a morning out and about in Boston. Springtime is now officially upon us…so get excited fellow Fashionistas! When spring is in the air, spring fever comes hand-in-hand. This Fashionista is surely hooked in the mojo. She found her denim from Urban Outfitters. A dark pair of skinny jeans is effortlessly timeless when paired with ballet flats. You can’t go wrong trading in your winter footwear and sporting a fresh pair of ballet flats. A tight fitting sweater is savvy and sexy. It’s the perfect option for a warmer afternoon without a jacket. So ditch wintery outerwear and make room for lightweight sweaters!

Photo by Alexa

Headbands are totally in this season, and this Fashionista styled hers to create a boho-chic look. Heck, you can even dress your entire ensemble around an awesome headband that catches your eye. A favorite place to check out the hottest headwear for the season is Shabby Chic by London Raquel. These headbands are surely unique and funky with glittery embellishments, lace and flowers. Shabby Chic typically uses children to model their vintage headband collections, but these chic creations work for all ages, as they also come in adult sizes.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista can switch out her ballet flats for a pair of peep-toe pumps from ALDO, add a chic clutch and slip on a leather jacket. She will surely be all ready for girls night out.

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