It’s Springtime in Beantown!

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Okay Bostonians, time to think spring.  The beloved season is now upon us, and it is up to each one of us to enjoy it to the max.  Make some exciting memories and spectacular plans as you embrace every opportunity with an open mind.  Springtime in Boston is the perfect setting to let go of wintertime blues, refresh and rejuvenate, and above all…live it up! 

With our awesome list of activities to add to your bucket list this season, you will start to enjoy spring in no time!  Joonbug’s lineup of fun will have you fully prepared to welcome this season to one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Cruise Around Beantown in Style

Boston’s Hubway bike rentals are a fun option to plan with a group of friends…or even by yourself!  What’s better than having a refreshingly warm breeze flowing through your hair, your sunglasses stylishly making an appearance, and taking in the breathtaking sites Boston has to offer?  Cruise along the gorgeous Charles River, take a break on one of the many docks and watch the colorful sailboats and canoes drift by.  Next, ride down Charles Street and to the Public Garden to be greeted by a beautiful palette of vibrant tulips and greenery.  The grand city is your treasure map, and the bike is your key to making this magnificent ride worthwhile!  Pack up your backpack with a delicious picnic lunch, and you are all set to enjoy a perfect spring afternoon.

Kayak/Canoe On The Charles

Glide along the crystal ripples of one of Boston’s most prized and famous gems – The Charles River.  With a backdrop of Beantown’s skyscrapers against the sun’s reflection on the blue water, your eyes will surely be pleased.  Whether you would like to go on a Boston Harbor Kayak Tour‪ leaving from Kendall Square, or embark on a canoeing/kayak adventure of your own, Paddle Boston has your desires covered with rentals and fun tours.  From paddleboats and stand-up paddleboards to canoes, rowboats and kayaks, take your pick and embark on a gorgeous trip down the Charles.  Maybe it’s the “Barbeque Kayak Tour” that suits your fancy.  How about a Skyline & Sunset Kayak Tour?  Paddle Boston’s Allston/Brighton location will re-open for the season on April 26th, so don’t miss out on the fun!  Cambridge at Kendall Square location will be opening on April 19th.

North End Wine Tour

To start your spring bucket list without a luscious toast…would just be insane!  A refreshing glass of elite Italian vino will do the trick.  Located in none other than Boston’s very own Little Italy, the North End neighborhood exudes amazing culture and delicious cuisine all in one cozy community.  Book a City Wine Tour in the North End, and you will not be disappointed having the opportunity to broaden your knowledge on the finest wine locations in that area.  The tours typically run for two hours and spotlight the history of wine, wine pairings and wine tastings.  By treating your palate to a variety of six different wines during the tour, your taste buds will have a field day.  Each tour consists of a 12-guest group, making your experience comfortable and completely intimate.  All of the North End wine tours will commence at the trendy and scrumptious Aragosta, located at the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel (3 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109).

Click here for more information about the North End wine tours, including the tour stops and times.


Ever dream of running Boston’s infamous Freedom Trail?  Do you share a deep passion for running, in addition to a love for Beantown?  How about meeting some new running buddies and taking a jog through the “City on the Hill”?  Take a run with RunBoston’s Boston Running Tours!  At RunBoston, they follow an awesome motto: “we run when and how you want to run.”  And if you don’t feel like running, take it down a notch…RunBoston is up for anything: “We look forward to running with you, walking with you, or just generally meandering through Boston with you.”  RunBoston offers customers private running tours and signature group tours.

Embrace Boston this spring…you will not be disappointed!

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