Outdoor Patio Time in the Bean

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It’s that amazing time of year when the city comes full circle.  Everyone is out and about, colorful flower boxes begin to sprout, sailboats make their way along the Charles and every city-goer has a refreshing Starbucks Frappuccino in their hand, accompanied by a chic pair of shades, of course.  And the best part of Beantown’s phenomenal spring fever?  Outdoor patios!  Urbanites crave this time of the year when outdoor patios come alive once again.  What’s better than an afternoon wine and dine while soaking up spring?

Here are a few of our favorite venues where outdoor patio dining offers an awesome taste of springtime in Boston:

* B&G Oysters (550 Tremont Street)


You cannot have a full-fledged Boston experience without indulging in its delectable oysters.  B&G Oysters provides every guest with a tasty oyster bar and fresh seafood experience, located in Beantown’s South End.  Stroll on out to the venue’s quaint and urban-chic patio, decorated with string lights and greenery.  The menu offers hungry customers a selection of over 12 different varieties of ‘East and West coast oysters’ to choose from daily.  Traditional favorites such as juicy Maine lobster rolls served with crispy French fries and bread & butter pickles, in addition to beer battered fish and chips are also on the menu.  Feel like ending your meal off with something sweet?  The banana parfait made with caramel and olive oil cake is a sinfully delightful option that will leave your taste buds on a satisfied note.  Sit back and relax on the patio with good company, a fine glass of vino and the best oysters in town!

* Durgin-Park (340 Faneuil Hall Marketplace)

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

From their red and white checkered tablecloths to a delightful aroma of freshly baked corn bread and twice cooked potato skins wafting through the air, you will know you are at Faneuil Hall’s staple restaurant, Durgin-Park.  If you are in the mood for a deliciously authentic, old-time American meal, this venue cooks up the best.  And what is unique about Durgin’s patio?  It is located in the midst of Faneuil Hall’s lively scene.  For a mouthwatering lunch sandwich, we urge all to try Durgin’s fresh fried clam roll or thanksgiving on a roll, prepared with freshly carved turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.  For dinner, you cannot go wrong with a warm bowl of clam chowder and Durgin cut roast prime rib or beef.

* Café Vanille (70 Charles St)


Located in a quaint and charming nook on Charles Street, Café Vanille is the perfect location to savor a delicious French delicacy and sip a refreshing drink out on the patio.  Truth be told, this cute café is the best location to spoil yourself with some much needed “you time.”  Lounge with one of your favorite books or even get some work done while soaking up the rays on one of Beantown’s most fashionable and iconic streets.  The atmosphere is so chic and relaxing in the heart of Beacon Hill, and Café Vanille’s bakery goodies are simply to die for.  Treat yourself to a savory cranberry walnut breakfast croissant, or try a Joonbug.com favorite, “Debbie’s Delight,” which is prepared with fluffy chocolate mousse, hazelnut meringue, chocolate meringuettes and chocolate icing.

Café Vanille is open Monday through Saturday from 6am to 7pm, and on Sundays from 7am to 7pm.

* The Met Back Bay (279 Dartmouth St)


If you’re up for an afternoon filled with trendy shopping on Newbury Street and are craving a divine brunch to break up the day, The Met Back Bay is your spot.  The Met’s cozy patio is tucked within an alcove off of the sidewalk, creating an intimate setting with red couches serving as the border.  This venue’s Saturday and Sunday brunch is absolutely scrumptious, serving up unique picks such as cap’t crunch French toast with caramelized bananas and lathered in a salted caramel sauce, and pork stuffed hash brown with fried eggs, jalapeno hollandaise sauce and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese.

Brunch at The Met is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 3:30pm.

Beantown’s patio dining at its finest!

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