7 Easy Steps to a Brand New “You”

Every gal loves to (and should) change up her look every so often to keep things fresh and exciting. Whether you’re craving to completely reinvent yourself for a new year, yearning to incorporate an entirely new style or considering a unique ‘do, the process of creating the new “you” should be fun and creative! The aftermath will be even more exciting.

With any number of these seven easy steps, you can easily achieve an entirely new look, without necessarily making dramatic changes. A few small tweaks can sometimes be the difference between “drab” and “wow.”

1. Hair – switch it up!

If you have had the same cut and color for years, you are probably ready for a new ‘do. Keep in mind, changes with hair don’t have to be completely drastic to make it different. Considering bangs, highlights, a subtle ombre or a slight variation in color/glaze can totally provide a fresh new look. If you want something not as permanent, hair chalk is a funky switch-up that washes out, and you can pick a color that goes perfectly with your chic ensemble!

Whatever you consider, don’t be afraid to switch it up; it can be exactly the transformation you need to update your look. If you’re tired of those long locks, now is the time to do the daring…go with a sexy angled bob cut. And if you don’t have a stylist you trust, find one by asking someone whose locks and style you absolutely love.


2. Makeup – change your routine and colors.

When you find yourself wearing the same makeup the same way, over and over again, it is definitely time for an update.  Even if you aren’t ready to change, styles and trends are…and fashion waits for no one.  This does not have to be difficult; it can be a simple variation of colors or application.  Go to a professional for new ideas.  Makeup artists are happy to do your eyes, lips or entire face and suggest something new.  They will pair you with a color palette that is right for your skin tone and personal style, in addition to showing you the right brushes needed to create a successful overall look.  Makeup colors and application should change with seasons (I wear a different foundation based on my winter and summer skin tones).  Learning to apply makeup from a professional is a must!  The right makeup and application can create a dramatic improved change in your look.


3. Clothing & accessories style need to be routinely re-evaluated and updated!

Many gals would look a thousand times better if they were wearing the right styles and cuts for their body type.  I can’t stress enough how not every piece is meant for everyone, even if it may be the hottest style and you are in love with it.  It is a two-way relationship; if you and the style do not have mutual love and respect…it is not the right look for you!  Accent your assets; identify and work with your less flattering features.  Experiment with colors; don’t choose colors you love, choose colors that best compliment your skin tone.  If you love certain vibrant colors that do nothing for you, find subtle hints of those colors in accents such as scarves, headbands, shoes or jewelry.


4. Eyebrows command attention

Eyebrows are an entire category of their own.  If you don’t maintain these babies, the result will be out of control…and just plain scary.  New brows are a quick and easy way to change things up a bit.  My favorite look is “movie star eyebrows”: brows with a bit more shape and body to them.  A smaller forehead calls for smaller eyebrows.  It is always wise to have a professional re-shape them for you.


5. Body should be at its optimum shape

Always do a re-check on this sitch.  The biggest step is admitting to yourself that your body needs attention.  Even if your hectic schedule is jam-packed, it is important to make time for yourself; a good routine will make you feel and look so much better.  No better time than the present to re-focus your mind and your body.  Whether it’s pursuing that new diet you always wanted to try, making a schedule to run regularly, or signing up for a yoga class, just do it.  This is all critical to rejuvenating the new you.  Don’t beat yourself up over current bad routines; what’s done is done.  Start today, keep on looking forward and make it right!  The only way improvements will happen is by planning a good routine of smart eating and exercise.  Don’t ever procrastinate when it comes to this important step.  Listen to your body and if you want results, make them happen.


6. Always consider effortless, cheap wonders

Changing up your look does not have to be expensive.  It can actually be costless with some simple switch-ups!  If you always wear your hair straight, try luscious curls…or vise versa.  If you are set in your ways when it comes to styling your hair, consider embracing a new look, whether it be a low pony tail, braids, messy bun or half-up/half-down.  Don’t be afraid to wear a wide headband or hat once in awhile.  Try parting your hair differently than you have been.  In addition, adding a fun color of lipstick to your daily look can really dress up your outfit and brighten up your entire face.  Pick a shade that complements your skin tone, and one that you can wear every day.  Lastly, freshly painted nails are a must!  And never, ever walk around with chipped nails.  It really takes less than a minute to remove polish, and it is better to go without than go chipped.  These changes are easy to do and can really make a big difference in creating a new look.  Tiny details pull you together…comparable to pretty icing on the cake!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.19.12 PM

7. Check out those pearly whites!

Take a good look at your smile.  At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it’s never been easier to find over-the-counter products for teeth whitening.  “White, bright teeth” is a must for a great look.  Many foods and liquids stain your enamel, so it’s important to whiten them regularly.  You will be so happy that you did; by looking at old pictures versus new ones, you will absolutely see a vast improvement.

Make your plan and get to it!

Creating the new you starts from the inside and out.  Once you decide to change your look, begin the process by cleansing your soul.  Eliminate baggage and drama in your life.  A positive attitude will provide you with the confident edge that you need to go after your new look and be off to a fresh new start.

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