New Scrumptious Fare at Tip Tap

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georgia shrimp

Spring into the warm weather at Boston’s Tip Tap Room.  This hip and trendy Beacon Hill hotspot introduces its scrumptious ‘revamped’ spring menu to hungry urbanites.

Owner & Chef Brian Poe is the genius behind this epic debut, concocting the most delicious, exclusive tastes and flavors of this season…in addition to adding a unique spin to his traditional “tips” and “taps” notion.  Poe has also worked hard to make an additional specialty menu of gluten-free options so customers with a gluten allergy can enjoy a mouthwatering meal.  What are you waiting for?  Join in on the savoring and head to Tip Tap!

Start off your meal treating your palate to Tip Tap’s new ‘quartet’ of appetizers.  A favorite of these four innovative choices includes gluten free dish, grilled avocado, served with fresh and juicy lobster lathered in black pepper lavender crème fraiche.  Poe also creates an eclectic twist on your typical fried calamari, preparing it with beef tendon, spring vegetables, licorice glacé and creamy preserved lemon yogurt.  The two other new appetizers include: grilled Georgia shrimp, prepared to perfection with roasted hazelnuts, shaved button mushrooms, mustard blossoms and a fresh broken egg & pine vinaigrette; and a creamy burratta appetizer which is vadouvan crusted, served with arugula blossoms, pickled green tomatoes, mustard oil, miner’s lettuce and white balsamic vinegar.

There are three new entrées featured and two delicious gourmet salads that are making magnificent impressions, in addition to a variety of the venue’s “tips” to relish.  To give you a glimpse of new scrumptious entrees: buttermilk chive gnocchi and a gourmet poached pear salad which features ‘vanilla & orange poached Bosc pears.’  How are those to tempt your palate?  And the rest of the dishes, including new sides and savory soups – you will just have to visit Tip Tap to check out and enjoy!

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