Coffee Bean it up in Beantown

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Coffee: it’s what fuels most city-goers and gets them through the day.  When a hot cup of coffee meets your lips in the morning, it’s truly liquid heaven.  Many of us are dedicated Starbuckians or Dunkin Donuts diehards.  A regular morning coffee joint is a daily ritual, and when the employees there know local patrons by their names, you know you are truly at home.

Joonbug is here to help you savor every morning in Boston with our list of Beantown’s best coffee venues.  You can switch up your morning coffee, latte or macchiato…or stay true to tradition.  Whatever you may choose, it’s time to coffee bean it up in Beantown.   Check out our top picks!


The Thinking Cup

From delicious morning treats and pastries to savory breakfast sandwiches and hot cups of Joe, The Thinking Cup is prepared to help every urbanite start his/her morning off right.  Treat yourself to the venue’s mocha made with espresso, foamed milk and homemade premium chocolate sauce.  The Thinking Cup also whips up a mean hazelnut latte with roasted hazelnut paste.  It pairs perfectly with a fluffy chocolate croissant.

Joonbug’s favorite: Honey Cinnamon Latte, prepared with The Thinking Cup’s homemade original syrup

A must-try other than coffee: Brown Sugar Lemonade

Locations: Boston Common (165 Tremont St), North End (236 Hanover St), Back Bay (85 Newbury St)

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.53.38 PM

Crema Café

From simple coffee beans transforming into the most delicious blends, Crema Café serves simply delightful coffee.  When it comes to their cups of Joe, Crema likes to introduce all customers to unique and robust flavors.  Every guest roaster that Crema collaborates with adds to the personality of this trendy joint.

Joonbug’s favorite: cup of Joe paired with dried fig & port jam, toasted walnuts and brie cheese, all pressed on fresh brioche bread.

Location: 27 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA

boston common coffee

Boston Common Coffee Co.

Boston Common Coffee has your morning cravings covered with a caffeine fix and delicious baked goods.  Pick out an iced blend or hot…your choice!  Pair it with a savory cranberry orange scone or lemon poppy seed muffin top, and you will be fueled to take on your day.  Some of Boston Common’s featured coffees include sea salt caramel mocha, pain in the Mass tour blend, Mexico pluma altura, and more.

Locations: North End (97 Salem St), Downtown Crossing (515 Washington St), Financial District (10 High Street)

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