Makini Howell: Your Go-To Vegan Guru

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Intimidated by the “V word”?  Want to make a change in your eating habits or treat your palate to something new?  Talented author of Gratifying Vegan Dishes from Seattle’s Plum Bistro, Makini Howell, truly makes the V word appealing to all.  Even if you’re not accustomed to the vegan way of life, don’t fear it; willingly embrace it.  Howell’s book even includes baby steps for those who want to dedicate one day of the week for eating Vegan.  She makes it so easy with her awesome tips and mouthwatering recipes…turning this transitional step in your life to an easy, delectable one!

You may recognize this woman from her recent appearances on national TV: Queen Latifah, The Today Show and The Talk.  From introducing the very first ‘female run vegan burger food truck’ to Seattle this month, to putting deep passion and devotion into her two restaurants, Howell is most certainly a woman on a mission…and making an awesome name for herself while she’s at it.  The idea of healthy food on the go is extremely innovative and smart.  Many people stick to quick, easy and unhealthy chain food when they are out and about on their short lunch break.  Howell’s vegan burger food truck introduces change in a great way.  In fact, Howell’s burgers are all the rave on the bustling Seattle streets.  Join in on the hype and try one for yourself!

VB6: “Vegan Before 6”

Howell’s “Vegan Before 6” concept is simply genius.  She addresses the topic that when many people hear or think of the word vegan, they are turned off right away.  Taking the vegan lifestyle in strides is a great approach, meaning complying to the vegan diet every day until 6pm.

Howell is here to help all of those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle on this kind of diet, shed some weight, eliminate or decrease the amount of animal based foods they consume, or just to switch things up in their life.  Some of Howell’s innovative, delicious recipe ideas to savor: Grilled Peach and Arugula Salad prepared with grilled sourdough toast and soy ricotta, and her Quinoa – Millet Cherry Salad (Gluten Free).

Calling all Sweet Tooth’s

Of course, Howell takes the most important meal of the day into consideration: dessert time!  You need to treat your sweet tooth to something delightful now and then, and Howell offers the very best.  She has you covered with decadent and healthy (yes, healthy) options to satisfy everyone’s sweet craving.

A hint of Howell’s sugary masterpieces: Sautéed Rosemary Plums lathered in a sinfully delicious white wine and blueberry butter sauce, in addition to a specialty for the chocolate lovers out there…Grilled Chocolate Bread with crème fraiche and cream cheese.

Pizza Pies

Howell believes that when preparing the perfect pie, the ultimate goal is to think of color.  The more color on your pizza pie, the healthier it is.  Add all of your favorite veggies…the more colors and flavors, the tastier the pie will turn out.  Pizza is quick, easy, ever so delicious and the perfect meal to make for dinner or a get-together.  Try this all-time favorite preparation the Howell way with her Pesto Plum Pizza made with balsamic arugula.

Check out Howell’s Plum Bistro today.  To view Plum Bistro’s burger truck schedule, click here.  And to get your vegan on, buy Howell’s amazing cookbook today.

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